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Birkbeck Law Press

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Birkbeck Law School has been recognised as an international centre of research excellence, specialising in legal theory and theoretically informed socio-legal research and pioneering critical approaches to scholarship.

Birkbeck Law Press aims to develop a distinct publishing profile by addressing the legal challenges of late modernity. Globalisation and the move towards universal legal values, which should respect cultural specificities and local conditions, has created the urgent need for greater dialogue and understanding between the major schools of thought and legal systems in the world. Most legal publishing, driven by the needs of specialisation and the state-based nature of positive law, has not systematically addressed these concerns.

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Human Rights, or Citizenship?

Human Rights, or Citizenship?

1st Edition

By Paulina Tambakaki
March 02, 2010

While human rights have been enjoying unprecedented salience, the concept of the citizen has been significantly challenged. Rising ethical concerns, the calling into question of state sovereignty, and the consolidation of the human rights regime, have all contributed to a shift in focus: from an ...

The Four Lacanian Discourses or Turning Law Inside Out

The Four Lacanian Discourses: or Turning Law Inside Out

1st Edition

By Jeanne Lorraine Schroeder
February 01, 2010

This book proposes a taxonomy of jurisprudence and legal practice, based on the discourse theory of Jacques Lacan. In the anglophone academy, the positivist jurisprudence of H.L.A. Hart provides the most influential account of law. But just as positivism ignores the practice of law by lawyers, even...

The Legality of Boxing A Punch Drunk Love?

The Legality of Boxing: A Punch Drunk Love?

1st Edition

By Jack Anderson
January 18, 2010

The first book of its kind dedicated to an assessment of the legality of boxing, The Legality of Boxing: A Punch Drunk Love? assesses the legal response to prize fighting and undertakes a current analysis of the status of boxing in both criminal legal theory and practice. In this book, Anderson ...

The Eye of the Law Two Essays on Legal History

The Eye of the Law: Two Essays on Legal History

1st Edition

By Michael Stolleis
October 27, 2008

Written by the eminent German legal historian, Michael Stolleis, these two ‘Essays on Legal History’ offer an original and compelling history of the symbolism through which law is characterised as being 'above' us. In ‘The Eye of the Law’, the history of this metaphor is followed from ...

Being Against the World Rebellion and Constitution

Being Against the World: Rebellion and Constitution

1st Edition

By Oscar Guardiola-Rivera
September 12, 2008

How can we save politics from the politician? How can we save ourselves? This book looks at the example of those who leave the city and break the social contract, rebellious exiles and freedom fighters escaping the wheel of necessity, and learns from them....

Constitutions Writing Nations, Reading Difference

Constitutions: Writing Nations, Reading Difference

1st Edition

By Judith Pryor
September 18, 2007

Bringing a postcolonial perspective to UK constitutional debates and including a detailed and comparative engagement with the constitutions of Britain’s ex-colonies, this book is an original reflection upon the relationship between the written and the unwritten constitution. Can a nation have an ...

Beyond Transcendence in Law and Philosophy

Beyond Transcendence in Law and Philosophy

1st Edition

By Louis E. Wolcher
September 27, 2005

What is the law of the law? What produces our craven subservience to linguistic norms, and our shocking indifference to the phenomenon of universal suffering? In a path-breaking new work of philosophy, Louis Wolcher seeks to answer these questions from the standpoint of Zen Buddhism. Bringing an ...

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