1st Edition

Bisexual Married Men Stories of Relationships, Acceptance, and Authenticity

By Robert Cohen Copyright 2024
    246 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    246 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    How much do you know about the lives of bisexual men who are married to women? Do you know any personally? Have you seen them represented in the media or pop culture? Bisexual people make up a majority of the LGBT+ community, but they are still relatively hidden and misunderstood. Robert Brooks Cohen aims to address this invisibility by sharing a collection of interviews with Bi+ men who are or were married to women, helping readers find connection, understanding, and community.

    Their experience is often erased as "not queer enough", but these men are queer, and they are challenging societal norms in important and innovative ways. Written by the host of 'Two Bi Guys', this book intersperses Robert's bisexual journey with the diverse stories of other Bi+ men to help normalize sexual fluidity and create more awareness and compassion. Each chapter is framed around a bisexual married man's story which touches on an important theme in many people's journey, such as coming out, monogamy, intersectionality, porn, marriage, parenting, and finding community, with Robert sharing his thoughts, research, and analysis. This book shares interviews with men and a few of their wives from a wide array of cultural and regional backgrounds, religious family structures, and more, helping bisexual men find pride, validation, and joy in their sexual identity.

    This book is written about and for bisexual and questioning men so they can see their experience represented. However, it is also for their partners, family, and friends - as well as students, researchers, clinicians with bisexual clients, and allies - so that they can better understand the unique challenges of this identity and provide meaningful support.

    1. Introduction: The Hidden Lives of Bi+ Married Men  2. Gregory and How "Weirdness" Unlocks Queer Possibilites  3. Rich on Confronting Internalized Homophobia and Bisexual Parenting  4. Quentin on Religious Purity Culture and Negotiating Monogamy  5. A Universal Capacity for Queerness  6. Jeremy and How School Bullying Affects Identity Development  7. Kaiko on Surviving Abuse and Embracing Change  8. Scott on Lost Opportunities and Navigating Infidelity  9. Bisexuality and Intersectionality  10. Nelson and How Pornography Can Trigger A Bisexual Awakening  11. William and Sexual Fluidity in the Military  12. Bennett and the Journey from the "Other Side" of the Spectrum  13. Carter on the Trans, Black. and Bi+ Experience  14. Bisexuality and Non-Monogamy  15. Drew and Polyamory with Two Women  16. Evan and Lindsay on Marrying Young and Evolving Together  17. Stanley and Christine on Meeting Your Spouse at a Bisexual Play Party  18. Concluding Thoughts


    Robert Brooks Cohen is an author, screenwriter, and content creator. He received his MFA from NYU Tisch. He wrote for Law & Order: SVU and hosts the Two Bi Guys podcast. He is from New York and lives in Los Angeles - a biocoastal bisexual. 

    "Cohen delivered-this book is truly amazing. His podcast Two Bi Guys and the discovery of his own bisexuality are a powerful foundation for the rich oral histories of the men interviewed. Bisexual men really do exist, and this innovative, intersectional resource is desperately needed to challenge the bi-erasure they endure. I can't wait to use it in my own classes!"

    Lisa Spiedel, associate professor, Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality, University of Virginia

    "A fascinating read that sheds a light on a demographic that is so often invisible. With an eclectic group of people, Cohen showcases the lived experiences of bisexual men married to women, highlighting their similarities despite their numerous differences. Through grace, sensitivity and wisdom gained through years of activism and conversations with others in the community, Cohen imparts his knowledge throughout a series of oral histories as well as sharing his own life. Even as someone who is not in a relationship with a woman, I found these stories resonating with me in countless ways. I have no doubt that this book will reach so many who are so often scared of the limelight."

    Vaneet Mehta, author of Bisexual Men Exist: A Handbook for Bisexual, Pansexual, and M-Spec Men