1st Edition

Bitcoin and Blockchain History and Current Applications

    296 Pages 186 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    In recent years, blockchain development has grown quickly from the original Bitcoin protocol to the second-generation Ethereum platform, and to today’s process of building third-generation blockchains. During this evolution, we can see how blockchain technology has evolved from its original form as a distributed database to becoming a fully fledged, globally distributed, cloud computing platform. This book traces the past, present, and future of blockchain technology.

    • Presents the knowledge and history of Bitcoin
    • Offers blockchain applications
    • Discusses developing working code for real-world blockchain applications
    • Includes many real-life examples
    • Covers the original Bitcoin protocol to the second-generation Ethereum platform

    Bitcoin and Blockchain: History and Current Applications is a useful reference for students, business schools, research scholars, practitioners, and business analytics professionals.

    Chapter 1 Bitcoin: A P2P Digital Currency

    Sathya A.R. and Ahmed A. Elngar

    Chapter 2 Exploring the Bitcoin Network

    Sathya A.R. and K. Varaprasada Rao

    Chapter 3 Blockchain Technology: The Trust-Free Systems

    Sathya A.R. and Ajay Kumar Jena

    Chapter 4 Consensus and Mining in a Nutshell

    Sathya A.R. and Santosh Kumar Swain

    Chapter 5 Blockchain: Introduction to the Technology behind Shared Information

    Naseem Ahamed

    Chapter 6 Growth of Financial Transaction toward Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

    Chiranji Lal Chowdhary

    Chapter 7 A Brief Overview of Blockchain Algorithm and Its Impact upon Cloud-Connected Environment

    Subhasish Mohapatra and Smita Parija

    Chapter 8 Solidity Essentials

    Parv Garg and Neeraj Khadse

    Chapter 9 Installing Frameworks, Deploying, and Testing Smart Contracts in Ethereum Platform

    Tushar Sharma

    Chapter 10 Blockchain in Healthcare Sector

    S. Porkodi and D. Kesavaraja

    Chapter 11 Blockchain Theories and Its Applications

    Jaipal Dhobale and Vaibhav Mishra

    Chapter 12 Building Permissioned Blockchain Networks Using Hyperledger Fabric

    K. Varaprasada Rao, Mutyala Sree Teja, P. Praneeth Reddy, and S. Saikrishna

    Chapter 13 Fraud-Resistant Crowdfunding System Using Ethereum Blockchain

    Sandeep Kumar Panda



    Sandeep Kumar Panda, Ahmed A. Elngar, Valentina Emilia Balas, Mohammed Kayed