1st Edition

Bizarre Space A Kid's Guide to Our Strange, Unusual Universe

By Jennifer Dlugos, Charlie Hatton Copyright 2018
    220 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Since ancient times, humans have been puzzled and awed by the strange stars, peculiar planets, and out-of-this-world objects that appear in our sky. Advancements in technology are now giving scientists closer looks and first peeks at the weird and wonderful things that make up our solar system and beyond. From Earth-like moons to strange signals from distant galaxies, Bizarre Space showcases the most shocking space discoveries, proving that what lies beyond our little blue-and-green planet is fascinatingly and often frighteningly bizarre. For example, you might know that Pluto's no longer a planet, but why did it get demoted to float among the other “oddities” of space? What happens to stars when they die? What disaster is just waiting to happen to Mars? And why, exactly, can't Uranus seem to roll straight? Bizarre Space takes you deep into our curious cosmos to discover the mysteries that lie beyond our home planet.

    Ages 9-12

    Introduction Section 1: The Innies A Magical Mercury Tour Won’t You Be My Venustine? Our (H)Earth and Is It a Bird? Is It a Planet? No, It’s Supermoon! Martian to Its Own Section 2: The Outies By Jove, Jupiter! Our Brother Is Bigger Than Yours The Fellowship of the Icy Rings New Moons Is Good Moons Twin Turquoise Titans Section 3: Comets and Asteroids and Such Asteroids: The Real-Life Video Game Easy Comet, Easy Go A Dwarf Is a Dwarf, of Course Ice Capades or Ice Kuiperpades? The Kingdom of the Sun Section 4: Super-Duper Stars When You Squish Into a Star All of the Stars of the Rainbow The Twilight of Starlight Everything Under the Sun Hollywood Stars Section 5: Life’s Better in the Milky Way The Diary of a Not-So-Wimpy Galaxy The Making of a Galactic Loop-de-Loop Great Galactic Globs of Gas Our Crazy Exo-Girlfriends and Boyfriends The Milky Way’s Weirdest Section 6: Your Universe and You The Galaxy Menagerie None More Black A Quirky, Kooky Cosmos Congratulations! It’s a Universe! Where No One Has Gone Bibliography About the Authors


    By day, Jenn Dlugos writes science textbooks, assessments, and lab manuals for grades K-12. By night, she writes comedy screenplays, stage plays, and other ridiculous things with her Things That Make You Go Yuck! coauthor, Charlie Hatton. Her favorite creepy crawlies are spiders.

    Charlie Hatton is a bioinformatician, science fan, and humorist living in the Boston area. Charlie enjoys working with genetic and other data to support cancer research, learning about new and interesting scientific areas, and referring to himself in the third person in biographical blurbs. Charlie has collaborated with Jenn Dlugos to coauthor the Things That Make You Go Yuck! science book series, as well as several other, far more ridiculous, projects.

    A humorous, jokey tone is mixed in with solid, informational material. Each chapter begins with three statements based on the content of that section, and they seem like the sort you might expect from some space-themed version of The Dating Game. . . . The authors did a nice job researching this material and the astronomy is up to date. Some of the trivia is fascinating, such as the early names for some of the dwarf planets, and the relationship between dung beetle poop rolling and the stars.,Francine Jackson,Children's Literature, 12/1/17
    The visually appealing layout and clever writing will appeal to readers . . . This funny yet informative title would be a useful addition to any collection serving space enthusiasts.,Maren Ostergard,School Library Journal, 1/3/18
    This is a really great book that explores many unusual and amazing things that make up the solar system and outer space. I think kids of all ages and even adults who are interested in space will find this a good book to read.,Antonio ,Kids' BookBuzz, 3/1/18