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Black Politics in a Time of Transition

ISBN 9781412842686
Published January 15, 2012 by Routledge
190 Pages

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Book Description

Black Politics in a Time of Transition appears at an historic point in American politics. From the vantage point of the maturation of the study of black politics, this volume provides a framework for current and future discussion of this critical time. Incorporating the expanded stream of work on today's black politics, this latest volume of the National Political Science Review is also a new assessment of the period from which the study of black politics emerged.

Selected for this volume are chapters of contemporary relevance alongside those that reconsider an early twentieth- century pioneer in black politics and history, W. E. B. Du Bois. The volume also includes a robust book review section that spans a range of topics from the South's new racial politics to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

This volume features work by varied and accomplished scholars, including "Black Power in Black Presidential Bids From Jackson to Obama," Katherine Tate; "'But I Voted for Obama': Melodrama and Post-Civil Rights, Post-Feminist Ideology in Grey's Anatomy, Crash, and Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential Bid," Nikol Alexander-Floyd; "Afro-Brazilian Black Linked Fate in Salvador and Sao Paulo, Brazil," Gladys Mitchell; and "Beyond Tactical Withdrawal: An Early History of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists," Joseph P. McCormick, II.

Table of Contents

Editors' Note


Black Power in Black Presidential Bids from Jackson to Obama
Katherine Tate
"But, I Voted for Obama": Melodrama and Post-Civil Rights,
Postfeminist Ideology in Grey's Anatomy , Crash, and
Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential Campaign
Nikol Alexander-Floyd
Afro-Brazilian Black Linked Fate in Salvador and
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Gladys Mitchell-Walthour

Dr. W. E. B. Du Bois: The Intellectual Grandfather
of Contemporary African American Studies
Mack H. Jones
Du Boisian Thought in Contemporary America: From Double
Consciousness to Dual Marginality
Rutledge Dennis
W. E. B. Du Bois: The Prime Minister of the State We Never Had
William Strickland

Works in Progress
Editors' Introduction
Michael Mitchell and David Covin
Editors' Interview with Ronald Walters
Ronald Walters
The Politics of Ethnic Incorporation and Avoidance:
The Elections and Presidencies of John F. Kennedy and
Barack Obama
Robert C. Smith
Studying Changes in Black Congressional Behavior from
Carter to Obama
Katherine Tate
Aaron Henry of Mississippi: A Political Biography of a Man
and a Movement for Black Empowerment, 1927–1996
Minion K. C. Morrison

Book Reviews
The Practice of Expanding Boundaries in Black Politics
Tiffany Willoughby-Herard
Shelby F. Lewis, ed., Historical Inevitability:
The Role of Hurricane Katrina in the New
Orleans Saga
, reviewed by Clyde Woods
Clarence E. Walker and Gregory D. Smithers,
The Preacher and the Politician: Jeremiah Wright,
Barack Obama, and Race in America
, reviewed by Major Coleman
Robert Gooding-Williams, In the Shadow of Du Bois:
Afro-Modern Political Thought in America
, reviewed
by Barrington S. Edwards
James W. Button, Sheila L. Croucher, and Barbara A.
Rienzo, Blacks and the Quest for Economic Equality:
The Political Economy of Employment in Southern
Communities in the United States
, reviewed by Troy Jackson
Kathleen R. Arnold, America's New Working Class: Race,
Gender, and Ethnicity in a Biopolitical Age
, reviewed by
Michael Tran
Glen Browder, The South's New Racial
Politics: Inside the Race Game of Southern History
reviewed by John A. Tures
Melanye T. Price, Dreaming Blackness: Black Nationalism
and African American Public Opinion
, reviewed by
Erica R. Edwards
Deirdre Martinez, Who Speaks for Hispanics?
Hispanic Interest Groups in Washington , reviewed
by Amrah Salomon Johnson
Dara Z. Strolovitch, Affirmative Advocacy: Race,
Class, and Gender in Interest Group Politics
, reviewed
by Zahra Ahmed

From the NCOBPS Archive
Beyond Tactical Withdrawal: An Early History of
the National Conference of Black Political Scientists
Joseph P. McCormick II
Invitation to the Scholarly Community

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