1st Edition

Blackwood's Magazine, 1817-25, Volume 1 Selections from Maga's Infancy

    Contextualizes and annotates the influential, scandalous, and entertaining texts which appeared in the "Blackwood's Magazine" between 1817 and 1825. This title features a detailed general introduction, volume introductions and endnotes, providing the reader with an understanding of the origins and early history of "Blackwood's Magazine".

    Introduction, James Hogg, ‘Verses … on … our final Victory over the French’ (I, April 1817), Anon., ‘A Curious Old Song’ (II, October 1817), Anon. (‘H.’), ‘The Shade of Burns to his Tormentors’ (II, November 1817), John Wilson, ‘Lines Written in a Burial-Ground’ (II, December 1817), Peter George Patmore, ‘Sonnets to Mr. Wordsworth’ (II, February 1818),Anon. (‘A Lady’), ‘Elegy on the Death of an Idiot Girl’ (II, February 1818), Thomas Hamilton, ‘Some Account of the Life and Writings of Ensign Odoherty’ (II, February 1818), John Gibson Lockhart et al. (?), ‘Notices to Correspondents’ (II, March 1818), Thomas Hamilton, ‘To the Publisher’ (II, March 1818), Felicia Hemans, ‘On the Death of the Princess Charlotte’ (III, April 1818), Anon. (‘S. S.’), ‘Poetical Account of an Oxford Examination’ (III, June 1818), William Wordsworth, ‘Three Sonnets … Caves in Yorkshire’ (IV, January 1819), John Gibson Lockhart and David Macbeth Moir, ‘Odoherty’s Garland’,‘Eve of St Jerry’, ‘Auncient Waggonere’ (IV, February 1819), David Macbeth Moir, ‘Christabel, Part Third’ (V, June 1819), David Macbeth Moir, ‘Billy Routing, A Lyrical Ballad’ (V, July 1819), John Hughes (?), ‘Small Talk’ (V, September 1819), Felicia Hemans, ‘The Meeting of Wallace and Bruce’ (V, September 1819), Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ‘Fancy in Nubibus’ (VI, November 1819), William Maginn, ‘Don Juan Unread’ (VI, November 1819), David Macbeth Moir, ‘Moods of the Mind’ (VII, April 1820), William Maginn, John Gibson Lockhart et al., ‘Luctus on the Death of Sir Daniel Donnelly’ (VII, May 1820), John Gibson Lockhart, ‘The Testimonium’ (VII, July 1820), William Maginn and William Gosnell, ‘Daniel O’Rourke, An Epic Poem’, (VI, August 1820, and VIII, October 1820), David Macbeth Moir, ‘Sonnet to Haydon’, ‘Sonnet to Wordsworth’ (VIII, February 1821), David Macbeth Moir, ‘Love Song, By a Junior Member of the Cockney School’ (VIII, March 1821), David Macbeth Moir, ‘Napoleon’, ‘Stanzas, On the Death of Napoleon’, (IX, July 1821), Caroline Bowles, ‘To a Dying Infant’ (IX, July 1821), William Maginn, ‘Ode on the King’s Landing in Ireland’, (X, August 1821), R. F. St Barbe, ‘The Route’ (XII, October 1822), Caroline Bowles, ‘Letter from a Washerwoman’ (XIII, February 1823), William Maginn, ‘A Happy New-Year’ (XV, January 1824), John Hughes, ‘Magic Lay of the One-Horse Chay’, (XVI, October 1824), William Maginn, ‘Number a Hundred’ (XVII, May 1825)