1st Edition

Blackwood's Magazine, 1817-25, Volume 3 Selections from Maga's Infancy

    Contextualizes and annotates the influential, scandalous, and entertaining texts which appeared in the "Blackwood's Magazine" between 1817 and 1825. This title features a detailed general introduction, volume introductions and endnotes, providing the reader with an understanding of the origins and early history of "Blackwood's Magazine".

    Introduction, Noctes Ambrosianae No. I, John Gibson Lockhart (XI, March 1822) No. II, John Wilson (XI, April 1822) No. III, John Gibson Lockhart (XI, May 1822) No. IV, William Maginn (XII, July 1822) No. V, John Wilson (?) (XII, September 1822) No. VI, William Maginn with others (XII, December 1822) No. VII, John Gibson Lockhart (XIII, March 1823) No. VIII, John Gibson Lockhart (XIII, May 1823) No. IX, William Maginn (XIII, June 1823) No. X, William Maginn (XIV, July 1823) No. XI, John Gibson Lockhart, William Maginn and John Wilson (XIV, August 1823) No. XII, John Wilson and perhaps John Gibson Lockhart (XIV, October 1823)