1st Edition

Blackwood's Magazine, 1817-25, Volume 6 Selections from Maga's Infancy

    Contextualizes and annotates the influential, scandalous, and entertaining texts which appeared in the "Blackwood's Magazine" between 1817 and 1825. This title features a detailed general introduction, volume introductions and endnotes, providing the reader with an understanding of the origins and early history of "Blackwood's Magazine".

    Introduction John Gibson Lockhart, ‘On the Writings of Charles Brockden Brown and Washington Irving’ (VI, February 1820) John Gibson Lockhart, ‘Prometheus Unbound’ (VII, September 1820) Anon., ‘Melmoth the Wanderer, &c.’ (VIII, November 1820) David Macbeth Moir, ‘On Critics and Criticism’ (VIII, November 1820) Anon., ‘Kenilworth’ (VIII, January 1821) Anon., ‘The Leg of Mutton School of Poetry. No. I’ (IX, June 1821) Anon. (‘Harry Franklin’), ‘Continuation of Don Juan’ (X, August 1821) Anon., ‘Chaucer and Don Juan’ (X, October 1821) George Croly and William Maginn (?), ‘Remarks on Shelley’s Adonais’ (X, December 1821) John Gibson Lockhart, ‘Lord Byron’s Three New Tragedies’ (XI, January 1822) Thomas Doubleday, ‘How Far is Poetry an Art?’ (XI, February 1822) Eyre Evans Crowe, ‘American Poetry’ (XI, June 1822) Anon., ‘The Mohawks’ (XI, June 1822) William Howison, ‘The Fortunes of Nigel’ (XI, June 1822) Eyre Evans Crowe, ‘Hazlitt’s Table-Talk’ (XII, August 1822) John Gibson Lockhart, ‘On the Cockney School. No. VII. Hunt’s Art of Love’ (XII, December 1822) Thomas Doubleday, ‘On the Sources of the Picturesque and Beautiful’ (XIV, September 1823) John Gibson Lockhart, ‘Odoherty on Don Juan, Cantos IX. X. XI.’ (XIV, September 1823) John Wilson, ‘Hogg’s Three Perils of Woman’ (XIV, October 1823) John Gibson Lockhart, ‘Ballantyne’s Novelists’ Library’ (XV, April 1824), Anon., ‘The Inheritance, A Novel’ (XV, June 1824), William Harness, ‘Celebrated Female Writers. No. I. Joanna Baillie’ (XVI, August 1824), William Maginn, ‘Miss Landon’s Poetry’ (XVI, August 1824) John Neal, ‘American Writers [No. I]’ (XVI, September 1824), John Neal, ‘Men and Women; Brief Hypothesis concerning the Difference in their Genius’ (XVI, October 1824), John Wilson, ‘Cockney School of Poetry. No. VIII. Hunt’s Bacchus in Tuscany’ (XVIII, August 1825)