1st Edition

Blasting in Mining - New Trends

Edited By Ajoy K. Ghose, Akhilesh Joshi Copyright 2013

    Blasting practices in mines have undergone many changes in the recent past and continue to be honed and reconfigured to meet the demands of today’s mining needs. This volume compiles papers of the workshop Blasting in Mines – New Trends, hosted by the Fragblast 10 Symposium . The 17 papers provide a mix which highlight the evolving trends in blasting in mines. These range from special techniques of cast blasting, applications of seed wave modelling for improved fragmentation, to design of mass blasts and controlled blasting for stability of pit-walls. Blasting in Mines – New Trends will be of particular interest to mining and blasting engineers.

    Organising Institution

    Seed wave modelling applications for fragmentation, damage, and environmental impact control
    C.K. McKenzie

    Design and general practice of mass blast in underground open stopping mining method
    Q. Liu

    Improving pit wall stability by minimizing blast damage vis a vis rock characterization at RAM
    P.K. Rajmeny, R. Shrimali, L.S. Shekhawat & A. Joshi

    New physical findings revolutionize the drilling and blasting technology as well as the prediction of ground vibrations—Part 1: The new blasting model
    B. Mueller & H.P. Rossmanith

    New physical findings revolutionize the drilling and blasting technology as well as the prediction of ground vibrations—Part 2: Practical applications above ground and underground
    B. Mueller & H.P. Rossmanith

    Assessing a risk analysis methodology for rock blasting operations
    J. Seccatore, C. Origliasso & G. De Tomi

    Novel blasting techniques for productivity improvement in hard rock underground dolostone mine
    M. Ramulu & K.R. Rao

    Application of a blast-based mine-to-leach model in Barrick Zaldivar
    C. Muñoz, J. Alarcón, F. Contreras, D. Toro, R. Palape & J. Estay

    Cast blasting for improved mine economics
    A.K. Mishra, M. Sinha & M. Rout

    Explosive energy distribution in an explosive column through use of non-explosive material-case studies
    G.K. Pradhan & M. Pradhan

    Blasting and explosive application in India—Past experience and future trends
    M.O. Sarathy, A.D. Sao & A.M. Kazmi

    Application of bunch-hole blasting in recovering residual ore in irregular goaf groups
    H.X. Wang, H. Chen, Z.M. Sun, B. Yu & J.D. Liu

    Investigation into the influence of air-decking on blast performance in opencast mines in India: A study
    J.C. Jhanwar

    Air spring vibration absorber blasting technology research and application
    F.Q. Shi

    Linking relationship between parameters of rock mass and ground vibrations
    B.P. Sinha

    Performance enhancement by adopting improved blasting techniques in a limestone mine: A case study
    S.C. Suthar

    Precision delay timing—a tool for improving mining efficiency: A case study
    P.V.S. Sarma, A.M. Kazmi, A.D. Sao & G. Singh

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    Ajoy K. Ghose, Akhilesh Joshi