1st Edition

Blockchain Technology Fundamentals, Applications, and Case Studies

    254 Pages 103 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book presents a detailed exploration of adaption and implementation, as well as a 360-degree view spectrum of blockchain technologies in real-world business applications. Blockchain is gaining momentum in all sectors. This book offers a collection of protocol standards, issues, security improvements, applicability, features, and types of cryptocurrency in processing and through 5G technology.

    The book covers the evolution of blockchain from fundamental theories to present forms. It offers diversified business applications with usable case studies and provides successful implementations in cloud/edge computing, smart city, and IoT. The book emphasizes the advances and cutting-edge technologies along with the different tools and platforms.

    The primary audience for this book includes industry experts, researchers, graduates and under graduates, practitioners, and business managers who are engaged in blockchain and IoT-related technologies.

    Chapter 1 Blockchain and Internet of Things: A Survey

    [P. J. Beslin Pajila, E. Golden Julie, and S. Gomathi]

    Chapter 2 Blockchain: A Review of Protocols and Standards

    [S. Gomathi, Mabel Finney, and P. J. Beslin Pajila]

    Chapter 3 Blockchain Technology: An Insight into Architecture, Use

    Cases, and Its Application with Industrial IoT and Big Data

    [K. Suresh Kumar, T. Ananth Kumar, A. S. Radhamani, and

    S. Sundaresan]

    Chapter 4 IoT and Blockchain

    [A. Mohana Priya, R. Malathi, S. Hemalatha, and

    K. E. Kannammal]

    Chapter 5 Research Issues and Solution in Blockchain Healthcare

    [R. L. Priya and S. Vinila Jinny]

    Chapter 6 Improving Security on Blockchain and Its Integration with IoT

    [M. Kavitha Margret, E. Golden Julie, D. Vijayanandh, and

    A. Balamurugan]

    Chapter 7 Blockchain-Based Integrated Digital Health Record ・

    A New Model for Health Information Exchanges

    [Usharani Chelladurai and Seethalakshmi Pandian]

    Chapter 8 A Complete Study on the Major Protocols of Blockchain

    [S. Palanikumar and Sivaprasad Abirami]

    Chapter 9 FGUGChain: A Blockchain Application Framework with

    Secure Computation

    [A. Anasuya Threse Innocent and G. Prakash]

    Chapter 10 Digital Linked Information System Using Blockchain

    Technology: Overwhelming Information Silo

    [B. Akoramurthy and T. Ananth Kumar]

    Chapter 11 Blockchain: Next-Generation Technology for Industry 4.0

    [R. Rajmohan, T. Ananth Kumar, M. Pavithra, and S. G. Sandhya]

    Chapter 12 The Winning Combo: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

    [S. Matilda and T. Ananth Kumar]

    Chapter 13 Emerging Trends and Research Issues on Blockchain

    Technology for 5G-Enabled Industrial IoT

    [K. Suresh Kumar, V. Kishore Kumar, T. Ilamparithi,

    S. R. Boselin Prabhu, and R. Dinesh Kumar]


    E. Golden Julie received her B.E degree in Computer Science and Engg in 2005 from Anna University Chennai and ME degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2008 from Anna University Chennai. Currently she completed her Ph.D from Anna University Chennai 2017. Presently she is working as assistant professor in Regional centre Anna university, Tirunelveli, India She has published many research papers in various fields. Her research area includes Wireless Sensor Adhoc Networks Soft Computing, Internet of Things and Image Processing. She is a member of ISTE.

    J. Jesu Vedha Nayahi completed her B.E., Computer Science and Engineering in 2001 and M.E., Computer Science and Engineering in 2004 and secured University rank. She completed her Ph.D. in Information and Communication Engineering under Anna University in 2016. She is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Anna University Regional Campus, Tirunelveli. She has more than 11 years of experience in teaching. She has published many papers in international journals and conferences. Her research interest includes data privacy and security, data mining, and automata theory. Her ORCID Id is 0000-0002-5445-0301 .

    Noor Zaman Jhanjhi has completed his PhD. in IT from University Technology Petronas (UTP) Malaysia. He has 18 years of teaching and administrative experience internationally. He has an intensive background of academic quality accreditation in higher education besides scientific research activities, he had worked for academic accreditation for more than a decade and earned ABET accreditation twice for three programs at College of computer sciences and IT, King Faisal University Saudi Arabia. He also worked for National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA), Education Evaluation Commission Higher Education Sector (EECHES) formerly NCAAA Saudi Arabia, for institutional level accreditation. He also worked for National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC) Pakistan. He has experienced in teaching advanced era technological courses including, Mobile Programming (Android), Mobile Computing and .Net Framework programming besides other undergraduate and postgraduate courses, graduation projects and thesis supervision. Dr. Noor Zaman is Associate Editor and Editorial Assistant Board for several reputable journals including IEEE Access Journal, PC member for several IEEE conferences around the globe, Active reviewer for a series of Q1 journals. He has authored several research papers in ISI indexed and impact factor research journals\IEEE international conferences, edited 08 international reputed Computer Science area books, supervised a great number of postgraduate students, and external thesis examiner to his credit. He has successfully completed more than 19 international funded research grants. He also served as Keynote speaker for several conferences around the globe