1st Edition

Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Applications Social, Economic, and Technological Implications

    334 Pages 85 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Tremendous growth in healthcare treatment techniques and methods has led to the emergence of numerous storage and communication problems and need for security among vendors and patients. This book brings together latest applications and state-of-the-art developments in healthcare sector using Blockchain technology. It explains how blockchain can enhance security, privacy, interoperability, and data accessibility including AI with blockchains, blockchains for medical imaging to supply chain management, and centralized management/clearing houses alongside DLT.


    • Includes theoretical concepts, empirical studies and detailed overview of various aspects related to development of healthcare applications from a reliable, trusted, and secure data transmission perspective.
    • Provide insights on business applications of Blockchain, particularly in the healthcare sector.
    • Explores how Blockchain can solve the transparency issues in the clinical research.
    • Discusses AI with Blockchains, ranging from medical imaging to supply chain management.
    • Reviews benchmark testing of AI with Blockchains and its impacts upon medical uses.


    This book aims at researchers and graduate students in healthcare information systems, computer and electrical engineering.

    Chapter 1: Blockchain for Securing Internet of Things-A Layered Approach
    AKM Bahalul Haque, Md. Oahiduzzaman Mondol Zihad, Md. Rifat Hasan

    Chapter 2: A Novel Framework for Robust Data Collection in Industrial IoT Based on Proof-of-Stake Algorithm
    Mahalingam P. R., Fasila K. A.

    Chapter 3: Securing Smart City Applications using Blockchain Technology
    Basmi Wadii, Azedine Boulmakoul, and Lamia Karim

    Chapter 4: Cryptocurrency Revolution: Bitcoin Time Forecasting & Blockchain Anomaly Detection
    Vishakha, Nikhil Sharma, Ila Kaushik, Bharat Bhushan, Chaitanya Kumar Dixit

    Chapter 5: Applications of AI, IoT, and Robotics in Healthcare Service based on Several Aspects
    Garima Jain

    Chapter 6: A Machine learning Approach to Improve the Pharmaceutical Industry Machinery: Case of Zimbabwe
    Shadreck N. Tasiyana, Prince Chitopho, Tawanda Mushiri and Abid Yahya

    Chapter 7: Regression analysis for prediction of Blood Pressure from health parameter
    Biswabandhu Jana

    Chapter 8: Revolutionising Healthcare: Decentralized Data Management of IoT Devices using Blockchain technology
    Kavitha R, Sangeetha Rangasamy, Surekha Nayak, Anuradha R and AarthyChellasamy

    Chapter 9: Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contract- Principles, Applications and Security
    Adarsh Singh, Ananya Smirti, Raghav Gupta, Chamitha de Alwis, Anshuman Kalla

    Chapter 10: Blockchain technology in Healthcare: A Systematic Review
    Halima Mhamdi, Ben Othman Soufiene, Ahmed Zouinkhi, Faris. A. Almalki, Hedi Sakli

    Chapter 11: Blockchain for IoT-Based Healthcare: Overview of Security and Privacy Issues
    Soufiene Ben Othman, Faris. A. Almalki, Hedi Sakli

    Chapter 12: Effective Management of Personal Health Records using Blockchain Technology
    Jacek Klich

    Chapter 13: Interoperability, anonymity and privacy issues in blockchain for healthcare systems
    Avinash kumar, Abhishek Bhardwaj , Trisha Bhawmik, Ahmed J. Obaid, Muzafer Saracevic, Tanmayee Prakash Tilekar

    Chapter 14: Blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry for better tracking of drugs: Architectures and open challenges
    Ayasha Malik, Neha Yadav, Jaya Srivastava, Ahmed J. Obaid, Muzafer Saracevic

    Chapter 15: Securing Privacy and Integrity of Patient’s Data in Healthcare 4.0 by Countering Attack using Blockchain
    Avinash Kumar, Snigdha Kashyap, Tanmayee Prakash Tilekar, Tabass¬um Jahan, Azedine Boulmakoul



    Bharat Bhushan, Parma Nand