246 Pages 63 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    246 Pages 63 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Blockchain is a series of transactions recorded in blocks and secured cryptographically. It is immutable, decentralized, and transparent and has proved to be beneficial across all domains to protect and store data. Maintaining privacy, integrity, and security, blockchain is particularly valuable to the healthcare industry. of healthcare data.

    Blockchain in Digital Healthcare provides a panoramic review of prospects of blockchain technology in the healthcare domain. Users can record transactions in blocks in an immutable distributed ledger that cannot be changed once recorded and/or published. Blockchain is also decentralized, which eliminates dependency on a trusted third party to facilitate transactions, enabling clients and other users of the blockchain to take ownership of the data they push on the network. Blockchain also makes transactions more secure as clients have their own copies.


    • Provides systematic and comprehensive understanding of the block chain technology and the potential in healthcare
    • Describes how security and privacy concerns of healthcare data can be addressed using Blockchain Technology
    • Discusses the concept of smart contracts for performing advanced level scripting to create a blockchain network to provide a platform for the development of decentralized applications
    • Includes a chapter on role of blockchain based insurance application using Ethereum/Hyperledger
    • Presents cases of blockchain use for various aspects of drug manufacturing and the pharma supply chain

    This book serves as a reference book for IT professionals, scientific investigators and researchers who need to analyze the prospects of blockchain technology in healthcare.

    Chapter 1

    An Overview of Emerging Updates in Blockchain Technology: Analysis and Recommendations

    Champa Joshi, Karm Veer Arya, Ashwani Kant Shukla, Raj Shree, Ravi Prakash Pandey, Vivek Shukla, and Manoj Kumar Dhadwal

    Chapter 2

    BLOCKCHAIN a ledger for IOT enabled healthcare systems

    Ranjana Sikarwar

    Chapter 3

    Role of block chain technology: Pandemic and Insight into data analysis for Covid - 19

    Satyendra Kumar Shet and Vinayaka B. Shet

    Chapter 4

    A Blockchain-based Secure Healthcare Application

    Pratima Sharma, Rajni Jindal and Malaya Dutta Borah

    Chapter 5

    A brief appraisal on blockchain assisted secured healthcare

    Rajib Biswas

    Chapter 6

    Application of blockchain technology in patients' medical records

    A. Averin and K. Nikolskaia

    Chapter 7

    IoT & Blockchain Technology-Based Healthcare Monitoring

    Mohammad Wazid, Basudeb Bera, Ashok Kumar Das, and Devesh Pratap Singh

    Chapter 8

    Connecting Patient-Centric Blockchains with Multilayer P2PNetworks and Digital Platforms

    Roberto Moro Visconti

    Chapter 9

    Security of Healthcare Data Using Blockchains

    Mayank Pandey, Rachit Agarwal, Sandeep K. Shukla, Nishchal K. Verma

    Chapter 10

    EMR: Electronic Medical Records keeping Application using Blockchain Technology

    Ujjawal Jain, Joythish Reddy , Yash Sarwaswa, Agya Pathak, Sameer Shrivastava, and Malaya Dutta Borah

    Chapter 11

    Managing Health Insurance by using Blockchain Technology

    Muralidhar Kurni and Mrunalini M

    Chapter 12

    Blockchains in Pharmaceutical Sector

    Muralidhar Kurni, Saritha Kuppala, Somasena Reddy K, and Manorama Devi B

    Chapter 13

    Blockchain in Pharmaceutical Sector

    Arnab Banerjee


    Dr. Malaya Dutta Borah is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Silchar, Assam, India. She has received her Engineering Degree (B. Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering, Master of Engineering (with distinction) in Computer Technology and Applications and PhD in Computer Science and Engineering. She has authored/co-authored around 40 research papers in national/international journals/Conferences. She is actively involved in research works in the field of Data Mining, Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, ICT and e-governance. As of now, she has organized 3 International Conferences (Springer & IEEE) in India as Organizing Chair, Finance Chair and member. She is Editorial board member of International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change, IGI-Global and reviewer for various Journals and International conferences. She is the associate member of CSI (India) and IEEE. (Online official profile http://cs.nits.ac.in/malaya/ )

    Prof. Roberto Moro Visconti, Bachelor in Economics (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milano, Italy) MA Finance and Investment (University of Exeter, UK), PhD Economics (University of Exeter, UK), teaches Corporate Finance at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milano, Italy. His research interests include the valuation of digital intangibles, healthcare project financing, and microfinance. He has authored more than 20 books (the last one is "The Valuation of Digital Intangibles. Technology, Marketing and Internet", Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, April 2020) and around 200 (two hundred) research papers (available online at: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Roberto_Moro_Visconti2. The profile is also reported on http://www.morovisconti.com/wp/en/home-2/ or https://docenti.unicatt.it/ppd2/en/#/en/docenti/03514/roberto-moro-visconti/profilo. Prof. Moro Visconti is a chartered accountant and Intellectual Property consultant, managing a boutique consulting firm in Milan, Italy.

    Ganesh Chandra Deka, ISDS is currently Deputy Director at Directorate General of Training, under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India. His previous assignments includes Principal, NSIT (W) Tura, Meghalaya (National Skill Training Institute for Women), Consultant (Computer Science), North Eastern Regional Centre of the National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (NIRD & PR-NERC), Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India and Programmer (World Bank Project), Directorate of Technical Education, Assam, India. His research interests include Bigdata Analytics, Blockchain Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and NoSQL Databases. He is the co-author for 4 text books in fundamentals of computer science. He has edited 24 books (8 IGI Global, USA, 8 Chapman and Hall/CRC Press, USA, 4 Springer & 4 Elsevier) on Bigdata Analytics, NoSQL Database, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain Technology. He has authored 14 Book Chapters.

    He has published 8 research papers in various reputed Journals (IEEE 2, Elsevier 1) and more than 47 research papers in various international Conferences of IEEE & Springer. So far he has organized 08 IEEE International Conference as Technical Chair and Publication Chair. He has published 5 Special Issue in International journals published by IGI Global. USA in International Journal of Applied Evolutionary Computation (IJAEC), Volume 8, Issue 1 (Special Issue on: Emerging Research Trend in Computing and Communication Technologies), International Journal of Organizational and End User Computing (JOEUC),Volume 29, Issue 4, (Special Issue on Bigdata Analytics in Business, Healthcare, and Governance), Volume 30, Issue 4,(Special Issue on Internet of Things: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities), International Journal of Open Source Software and Processes (IJOSSP), Volume 9, Issue 3 (Special Issue on Prospects of Free and Open Source Software in Digital Revolution and International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC), Volume 10, Issue 2 (Special Issue on Blockchain Technology: Platforms, Tools, & Use Cases). Online profile: https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=Qw5HblgAAAAJ&hl=en

    "Overall, this book serves as an accessible guide and introduction for anyone interested in the use of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry

    - Doody's Review