1st Edition

Blueberries A Century of Research

By Robert E Gough, Ronald Korcak Copyright 1995

    Gain the knowledge to grow bigger and better blueberries!

    Blueberries: A Century of Research presents the results of basic and applied research into blueberry science and culture around the world. It contains technical reports on genetics, nutrition, physiology, culture, and harvesting of several blueberry species. Readers will find much current, helpful, and interesting information for their work with blueberries.

    General areas covered in the book are the blueberry culture and its future, blueberry genetics and diseases, blueberry nutrition, and blueberry fruit quality. Specific chapters address a variety of topics including:

    • utilization of wild blueberry germplasm
    • use of sparkleberry in breeding highbush cultivars
    • identification of markers linked to genes controlling chilling requirement and cold hardiness
    • detection of blueberry scorch virus and red ringspot virus
    • methods of controlling blueberry gall midge damage
    • control of bunchberry in wild blueberry fields
    • blueberry nitrate reductase activity
    • use of gibberellic acid as a management tool for increasing yield of rabbiteye blueberry
    • blueberry culture and research in Japan
    In Blueberries: A Century of Research, small fruit researchers, extension workers, and blueberry specialists will find important new information for continued improvement of blueberry culture and specialization. The book is a vital resource that appeals to a professional audience worldwide.

    Contents Foreword
    • Session I: Blueberries of the Future
    • Utilization of Wild Blueberry Germplasm: The Legacy of Arlen Draper
    • In Search of the Perfect Blueberry Variety
    • The Deerberry [Vaccinium stamineum L. Vaccinium Section Polycodium (Raf.) Sleumer]: A Potential New Small Fruit Crop
    • Session II: Blueberry Genetics
    • Use of Sparkleberry in Breeding Highbush Cultivars
    • Progress Toward Identifying Markers Linked to Genes Controlling Chilling Requirement and Cold Hardiness in Blueberry
    • The Search for Chilling-Responsive Proteins in Blueberry Continues
    • Changes in Abscisic Acid and Indoleacetic Acid Levels in 'Climax' Blueberry During Dormancy
    • Growth Responses of Southern Highbush and Rabbiteye Blueberry Cultivars at Three Southern Locations
    • Session III: Blueberry Genetics Continued--Blueberry Diseases
    • Characterization and Detection of Blueberry Scorch Carlavirus and Red Ringspot Caulimovirus
    • Infection of Cold-Injured Blueberry Stems by Botryosphaeria Dothidea
    • Inventory of Pest Resistance in Blueberry Genotypes in North Carolina
    • Session IV: Blueberry Culture
    • Blueberry Gall Midge: A New Pest of Rabbiteye Blueberries
    • Control of Bunchberry in Wild Blueberry Fields
    • Influence of Mulching Systems on Yield and Quality of Southern Highbush Blueberries
    • Operations and Cost of Highbush Blueberry Farming in Poland
    • Session V: Blueberry Nutrition
    • Organic Matter and Nitrogen Level Effects on Mycorrhizal Infection in 'Bluecrop' Highbush Blueberry Plants
    • Blueberry Nitrate Reductase Activity: Effect of Nutrient Ions and Cytokinins
    • Diammonium Phosphate Corrects Phosphorus Deficiency in Lowbush Blueberry
    • Development of an Innoculation System for Studying Mycorrizal Effects in Highbush Blueberry
    • Session VI: Blueberry Fruit Quality
    • Gibberellic Acid: A Management Tool for Increasing Yield of Rabbiteye Blueberry
    • Diseases of Blueberry Fruit at Harvest in North Carolina
    • Blueberry Culture and Research in Japan
    • Reference Notes Included


    Gough, Robert E; Korcak, Ronald