1st Edition

Bod XXI Misc. Poetry, Prose, and Translations: Bodleian Ms.Shelley Adds.C.4

By Percy Bysshe Shelley Copyright 1996

    First published in 1996. This is noted as Volume XXI of the Bodleian Shelley Manuscripts and includes copies of 'Misery- a fragment', 'Ode to Naples', 'Una Favola' and drafts of ‘The Coliseum’, ‘On Vegetarianism’, along with translation of ‘Goethe’s Faust’ and more. This volume also includes scholarly opinion from a knowledgable students of Shelley’s manuscripts, Professor E.B. Murray, the editor of the magnificent first volume of the Clarendon Press edition of The Prose Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley (1993),as well as Volume IV in The Bodleian Shelley Manuscripts.

    Introduction, Comprehensive Folder-Contents List of Bodleian MS Shelley adds. c. 4, Beta-radiographs of the Watermarks, Facsimiles and Transcripts of M S Shelley adds. c. 4, Fol. 6r, Prometheus Unbound, II, iii, lines 28-42 (draft), Fol. 7v reversed, Definition of Atheism, Fols. 10-11, Epipsychidion, lines 180-89; related fragments, lines 142-69 (drafts), Fols. 14-15v, N otes to Hellas (4, 6, 7, beginning of 8), Fol. 61r, Title page for Hellas (E. E. Williams’ hand); verse fragment on John Taaffe, Fol. 64r, To Jane: The Recollection, lines 29-32 (draft), Fol. 68r, On Fanny Godwin, Fol. 68v, Sketches, jottings, Fols. 79r/v, November— 1815 (fair copy); start of Misery.—a fragment (fair copy), Fols. 80-81, Remainder of Misery.—a fragment (fair copy), Fols. 84-90v, Ode alla Libertà, Fols. 93-95v, Ode to N aples (fair copy), Fol. 102, Buona N otte (fair copy), Fol. 102v, List of household expenditures (PShelley’s hand), Fol. 105, Laundry and shopping list (Mary’s hand); verse fragment, Fol. 105v, Shopping-price list (Mary’s hand); address, Fols. 108-109, Draft of first stanza and last two lines of The Aziola and a verse fragment, Fols. 126-130v, Translation of the Prologue in Heaven from Goethe’s Faust (fair copy), Fols. 112-125, Translation of the May day Night scene from Goethe’s Faust (fair copy), Fol. 139, Translation of an Italian poem ( If the good money . . . ; fair copy), Fols. 142r-171v, Literal translation of part of Faust ( dedication through Line 1213 of Part I), Fols. 179-180r, Poetic fragment ( There was a serpent. . . ) and a prose note (Jesus Christ ), Fols. 183-185, Portions of Speculations on Morals and Metaphysics and a draft of lines 993-96 of Laott and Cythna, Fol. 186, Tw o lines of Greek (from Theocritus’s Idyll XI) and their Latin translation, Fols. 190-195, Portions of Speculations on Morals and Metaphysics, Fols. 198-201, Concluding portion of The Coliseum , along with associated note and extraneous jottings, Fol. 204, Essay on Friendship fragment, Fol. 207, Arch of Titus description, Fols. 250-253r, Una Favola (fair copy), Fols. 258-9, Partial translation of Plato’s Ion (538a7-540c6), Fols. 263a-263b, Draft of a portion of Letter on Richard Carlisle, Fols. 267-72, On Vegetarianism, Fols. 27 6 -9 , Portion of On Christianity, Fols. 28 2 -3 , Fragment on Reform (I), Fols. 28 6 -9 , Translation of Tacitus’s Histories, V. 3-6 ( On the Jews ), Fol. 292, On Learning Languages (recto) and A Faustian Note (verso), Fols 295-6, On the Christian Religion (or On the Moral Teaching of Christ ), Fols. 299-300, Conclusion of An Answer to Leslie’s A Short and Easy Method with the Deists Fol. 303, Covering Letter (To Mr. Waller ) for a copy of Queen Mob, M S Shelley adds, b, 2, fols. 4 -5, Letter to Edward Fergus Graham (includes How stern are the woes of the desolate mourner ), M S Shelley adds. c. 12, fol. 57, line of verse (verso), drawing (recto), M S M ontagu d. 18, fols. 90-1, Ode for Music (fair copy), M S Shelley c. 1, fols. 277-78, draft of a portion of Letter on Richard Carlisle, M S Shelley c. 1, fols. 305-14, Letter on Richard Carlisle (fair copy), M S Shelley e. 5, pp. 7-9, Stanzas written in dejection— December 1818, near Naples (fair copy), M S Shelley e. 5, p. 10, To a faded violet (fair copy), M S Shelley adds. f. 1, Sophia (fair copy), M S Shelley adds. d. 3, fol. 59v, Epithalamium (fair copy), M S Shelley adds. d. 3, fol. 56v, Epithalamium (partial transcript), M S Shelley adds. e. 3, fols. l-3 r, With a guitar. To Jane(fair copy).


    Percy Bysshe Shelley, Edited by Professor E.B.Murray