1st Edition

Bodily Engagements with Film, Images, and Technology Somavision

By Max Ryynänen Copyright 2022

    This book builds a new understanding of the body and its relationship to images and technology, using a framework where novel writings of pragmatist somaesthetics and phenomenology meet new research on bodily reactions.

    Max Ryynänen gives an overview of the topic by collecting the existing information of our bodies gazing at visual culture and the philosophies supporting these phenomena, and examines the way the gaze and the body come together in our relationship to culture. Themes covered include somatic film; the body in artistic documentation of activist art; body parts (and their mutilation or surgeries) in contemporary art and film; robot cars and our visual relationship to them; the usefulness of Indian rasa philosophy in explaining digital culture; and an examination of Mario Perniola’s work about the idea that we, human beings, are increasingly experiencing ourselves to be simply "things."

    The book will be of interest to scholars working in art history, aesthetics, cultural philosophy, film studies, technology studies, media studies, cultural studies, and visual studies.

    1. Somatic Film: Background, Classification, Education 2. Making It Real: The Need for the Presence of the Body in the Documentation of Contemporary Art 3. Cutting, Mending, Learning 4. Robot Cars 5. Disgust, the Inorganic, and the Enigmatic: The Dank Media Philosophy of Mario Perniola 6. Rasafiction: Can the Oldest Atmosphere Theory in the World Help Us to Understand Today’s Somaesthetic Manipulation?


    Max Ryynänen is Senior Lecturer of Theory of Visual Culture at Aalto University.