1st Edition

Body Composition Health and Performance in Exercise and Sport

Edited By Henry C. Lukaski Copyright 2017
    404 Pages 5 Color & 44 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    404 Pages 5 Color & 44 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    404 Pages 5 Color & 44 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Interest in the relationships between body structure and function in physical activity has persisted for centuries. Body Composition: Health and Performance in Exercise and Sport advances understanding beyond simple descriptions of body physique and composition of athletes and fills gaps in our understanding of the important role of muscle, fat, and bone in facilitating physical performance and health in sports and physically demanding occupations. lt addresses basic, practical, and applied topics in body composition, performance, and health with comprehensive reviews organized in four logical parts: Body Composition Assessment; Physical Activity and Body Composition; Body Composition in Sports and Occupations; and Moderating Factors.

    This book integrates state-of-the-art knowledge by international experts in the field and produces an evidence-based practical guide for a balanced understanding of the role and use of body composition assessment in physical performance and health for youth and adults. It also provides a needed link between the practice of body composition assessment and its application by members of public health advisory committees that develop national guidelines for diet, physical activity, and health. This book is suitable for students and professionals in sports nutrition, exercise science, kinesiology, and athletic training. Sport administrators and policy-makers for international and national sport federations and organizations, and national intercollegiate and scholastic federations, would also benefit from this book.


    Body composition in perspective
    Henry Lukaski

    Assessment of human body composition: methods and limitations
    Hannes Gatterer, Kai Schenk and Martin Burtscher

    Assessment of muscle mass
    Donald Dengel, Christiana J Raymond and Tyler Bosch

    Hydration status and performance
    Ronald Maughan and Susan Shirreffs


    Physical activity on growth and development of youth
    Robert Malina and Manuel J. Coelho e Silva

    Anthropometry in physical performance and health
    Arthur Stewart and Tim Ackland

    Physical activity and adipose tissue redistribution in obese adults
    Brittany P. Hammond, Andrea M. Brennan and Robert Ross

    Physical activity and body composition changes in overweight and obese children
    Scott Going, Jennifer Bea and Joshua Farr


    Body composition changes with training: methodological implications
    Luis Sardinha and Diana Santos

    Endurance athletes
    Jordan Moon and Kristina Kendall

    Speed, power and strength athletes
    David Fukuda, Jeffery Stout and Jay Hoffman

    Weight-sensitive sports
    Analiza Silva, Diana Santos and Catarina Matias

    Karl Friedl

    Body Composition and Public Safety: The Industrial Athlete
    Paul Davis and Mark Abel


    Dietary protein and physical training effects on body composition and physical performance
    Michaela C Devries, Sara Y Oikawa and Stuart Phillips

    Supplements, body composition and performance
    Karl Friedl

    Diet and exercise approaches for reversal of exercise-associated amenorrhea
    Lynn Cialdella Kam and Melinda Manore


    Henry C. Lukaski, PhD, is an adjunct professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Public Health Education, University of North Dakota. He took his undergraduate education at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University, and earned Master of Science and Doctoral degrees in physiology with a minor in nutrition from the Pennsylvania State University where he was a National Institutes of Health (NIH) pre-doctoral trainee in Human Biology and a research Collaborator at Brookhaven National Laboratory. He was a post-doctoral research associate at the US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center then served as Supervisory Research Physiologist, Research Leader and Assistant Center Director. He is and has been a member of numerous editorial boards of peer-review scientific journals in the fields of human nutrition, exercise science, sports nutrition, and applied physiology, has served as a member of NIH, Department of Defense, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, US Public Health Service program and grant review boards and advisor to the Food and Drug Administration, Institute of Medicine (Food and Nutrition Board Military Nutrition Committee), World Health Organization, Pan American Health Organization, National Collegiate Athletic Association, US and International Olympic Medical Committees, international scientific organizations, sports nutrition community, and the biomedical industry. He has authored more than 145 peer-reviewed research publications, 45 book chapters,160 abstracts and short communications, co-edited special issues of professional publications on body composition and sports nutrition, and made more than 240 invited presentations in the US, Europe, Central and South America. He is an international authority in the field of the interactions among diet and physical activity on body structure, function and health, and is recognized internationally as a leader in development and validation of methods for assessment of human body composition. Dr. Lukaski was elected to Fellowship in the American College of Sports Medicine, Human Biology Council and the Society of Nutrition for Latin America.