2nd Edition

Body Image
A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention

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ISBN 9781462509584
Published December 12, 2012 by Guilford Press
490 Pages

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Book Description

The standard reference for practitioners, researchers, and students, this acclaimed work brings together internationally recognized experts from diverse mental health, medical, and allied health care disciplines. Contributors review established and emerging theories and findings; probe questions of culture, gender, health, and disorder; and present evidence-based assessment, treatment, and prevention approaches for the full range of body image concerns. Capturing the richness and complexity of the field in a readily accessible format, each of the 53 concise chapters concludes with an informative annotated bibliography.

New to This Edition
*Addresses the most urgent current questions in the field.
*Reflects significant advances in key areas: assessment, body image in boys and men, obesity, illness-related body image issues, and cross-cultural research.
*Conceptual Foundations section now incorporates evolutionary, genetic, and positive psychology perspectives.
*Increased coverage of prevention.

Table of Contents

_x000D_ I. Conceptual Foundations_x000D_
1. Understanding Body Images: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, Thomas F. Cash and Linda Smolak_x000D_
2. Sociocultural Perspectives on Human Appearance and Body Image, Marika Tiggemann_x000D_
3. Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Appearance and Body Image, Viren Swami_x000D_
4. Genetic and Neuroscientific Perspectives on Body Image, Jessica L. Suisman and Kelly L. Klump_x000D_
5. Cognitive-Behavioral Perspectives on Body Image, Thomas F. Cash_x000D_
6. Feminist Perspectives on Body Image, Nita Mary McKinley_x000D_
7. Positive Psychology Perspectives on Body Image, Tracy L. Tylka_x000D_
II. Developmental Perspectives and Influences _x000D_
8. Body Image Development in Childhood, Linda Smolak_x000D_
9. Body Image Development in Adolescent Girls, Eleanor H. Wertheim and Susan J. Paxton_x000D_
10. Body Image Development in Adolescent Boys, Lina A. Ricciardelli and Marita P. McCabe_x000D_
11. Body Image Development in Adulthood, Sarah Grogan_x000D_
12. Media Influences on Body Image, Michael P. Levine and Kelsey Chapman_x000D_
13. Interpersonal and Familial Influences on the Development of Body Image, Diane Carlson Jones _x000D_
14. Sexual Abuse and Body Image, Linda Smolak_x000D_
III. Body Image Assessment_x000D_
15. Crucial Considerations in the Assessment of Body Image, Thomas F. Cash_x000D_
16. Body Image Assessment of Children, Andrew J. Hill_x000D_
17. Perceptual Measures of Body Image for Adolescents and Adults, Rick M. Gardner_x000D_
18. Attitudinal Assessment of Body Image for Adolescents and Adults, Jessie E. Menzel, Ross Krawczyk, and J. Kevin Thompson _x000D_
IV. Individual and Cultural Differences_x000D_
19. Gender and Body Images, Sarah K. Murnen _x000D_
20. Obesity and Body Image in Youth, Dianne Neumark-Sztainer_x000D_
21. Obesity and Body Image in Adulthood, Janet D. Latner and Rebecca E. Wilson _x000D_
22. Body Image and Muscularity, Donald R. McCreary_x000D_
23. Body Image and Athleticism, Trent A. Petrie and Christy Greenleaf_x000D_
24. Gay and Lesbian Body Images, Todd G. Morrison and Jessica M. McCutcheon_x000D_
25. African American Body Images, Debra L. Franko and James P. Roehrig_x000D_
26. Asian American Body Images, Kathleen Y. Kawamura_x000D_
27. Hispanic/Latino Body Images, Deborah Schooler and Lynda S. Lowry_x000D_
28. Body Images in Non-Western Cultures, Eileen P. Anderson-Fye_x000D_
29. Body Image and Congenital Conditions Resulting in Visible Difference, Nichola Rumsey and Diana Harcourt_x000D_
V. Body Image Dysfunctions and Disorders_x000D_
30. Body Image and Social Functioning, Stacey Tantleff-Dunn and Danielle M. Lindner _x000D_
31. Body Image and Sexual Functioning, Michael W. Wiederman_x000D_
32. Body Image and Anorexia Nervosa, Sherrie Selwyn Delinsky_x000D_
33. Body Image and Bulimia Nervosa, Janis H. Crowther and Nicole M. Williams_x000D_
34. Body Image and Binge-Eating Disorder, Joshua I. Hrabosky _x000D_
35. Body Image and Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Katharine A. Phillips _x000D_
36. Body Image and Appearance- and Performance-Enhancing Drug Use, Tom Hildebrandt and Justine Lai _x000D_
VI. Body Image Issues in Medical Contexts_x000D_
37. Body Image Issues in Dermatology, Andrew R. Thompson_x000D_
38. Body Image Issues in Oncology, Craig A. White and Caroline Hood_x000D_
39. Body Image Issues in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Helen Skouteris_x000D_
40. Body Image Issues in Rheumatology, Meenakshi Jolly _x000D_
41. Body Image Issues Associated with Burn Injuries, John W. Lawrence and James A. Fauerbach_x000D_
VII. Changing the Body: Medical, Surgical, and Other Approaches_x000D_
42. Weight Loss and Changes in Body Image, David B. Sarwer, Rebecca J. Dilks, and Jacqueline C. Spitzer_x000D_
43. Exercise and Changes in Body Image, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, and Rebecca L. Bassett_x000D_
44. Body Art and Body Image, Leeana Kent_x000D_
45. Cosmetic Surgery and Changes in Body Image, David B. Sarwer, Canice E. Crerand, and Leanne Magee_x000D_
46. Body Image and Biomedical Interventions for Disfiguring Conditions, Diana Harcourt and Nichola Rumsey_x000D_
VIII. Changing Body Images: Psychosocial Interventions for Treatment and Prevention_x000D_
47. Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Body Image Change, Josée L. Jarry and Thomas F. Cash_x000D_
48. Experiential Approaches to Body Image Change, Judith Ruskay Rabinor and Marion Bilich_x000D_
49. School-Based Psychoeducational Approaches to Prevention, Jennifer A. O'Dea and Zali Yager_x000D_
50. Computer-Based Approaches to Prevention, Hannah Weisman, Jakki Bailey, Andrew Winzelberg, and C. Barr Taylor_x000D_
51. Ecological and Activism Approaches to Prevention, Niva Piran and Nina Mafrici_x000D_
52. Public Policy Approaches to Prevention, Susan J. Paxton_x000D_
IX. Conclusions and Directions_x000D_
53. Future Challenges for Body Image Science, Practice, and Prevention, Linda Smolak and Thomas F. Cash_x000D_

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Thomas F. Cash, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. His research focuses on influences of physical appearance and body image on psychosocial functioning, including such topics as body image development, assessment, and treatment; obesity; eating disorders; cosmetic surgery; appearance-altering conditions; and appearance stereotyping and discrimination. He has authored or edited eight books and over 200 journal articles and book chapters. Dr. Cash has developed an empirically supported cognitive-behavioral program for body image improvement, as well as over a dozen validated assessments of dimensions of body image. He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Body Image: An International Journal of Research and an elected Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science. Dr. Cash resides in Naples, Florida.

Linda Smolak, PhD, is Professor Emerita at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. Her research focuses on the development of body image and disordered eating, including such topics as media and familial influences on children's body image; child sexual abuse and body image; muscle building among adolescent boys; eating disorder prevention programs; athletic participation and body image; and gender roles and body image. She has been involved in the development of several body image-related scales. Dr. Smolak is author or editor of seven books and dozens of journal articles and book chapters. She is an Associate Editor of Body Image: An International Journal of Research and serves on the editorial board for Eating Disorders: A Journal of Treatment and Prevention.


"This volume offers the most comprehensive review to date of knowledge about body image. Whether you are a professional or student interested in body image, you should keep this book close at hand. The second edition maintains the high standards of its predecessor while incorporating the latest research. Highlights include more information about the neuroscientific bases of body image and expanded coverage of prevention."--Sabine Wilhelm, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; Chief of Psychology, Massachusetts General Hospital

"The first edition of this book was great, and this one is even better. It captures the significant advances that have occurred in the field over the past decade. This is the definitive work on all matters pertaining to body image."--Kelly D. Brownell, PhD, Robert L. Flowers Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke University

"Cash, Smolak, and their contributing authors summarize most of what is currently known about body image. They cover the full range of relevant topics in 53 concise chapters. This terrific volume is the standard work on body image for clinicians, researchers, teachers, and students across disciplines."--Carlos M. Grilo, PhD, Director, Yale Program for Obesity, Weight, and Eating Research, Yale University School of Medicine

"Cash and Smolak are world-renowned researchers who provide extensive information on all aspects of body image disturbance. This book is 'must' reading for anyone entering the field of mental health, as well as those already practicing. It discusses everything from developmental aspects of body image, to the normal range of appearance-related concerns, to assessment and treatment of body image disorders. There is no comparable book on the market today."--Fugen Neziroglu, PhD, ABBP, Director, Bio-Behavioral Institute, Great Neck, New York