224 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    The digital revolution has brought with it a wider range of options for creating and producing print on paper products than ever seen before. With the growing demand for skills and knowledge with which to exploit the potential of digital technology, comes the need for a comprehensive book that not only makes it possible for production staff, editors, and designers to understand how the technology affects the industry they work in, but also provides them with the skills and competencies they need to work in it smartly and effectively. This book is designed to satisfy this need.

    Book Production falls into two parts:

    • The first part deals with the increasingly important role of production as project managers, a role which has not been adequately written about in any of the recent literature on publishing.
    • The second part deals with the processes and raw materials used in developing and manufacturing print on paper products. Case studies are used to illustrate why and how some processes or raw materials may or may not be appropriate for a particular job.

    With expert opinions and case studies, and a consideration of the practices and issues involved, this offers a comprehensive overview of book production for anyone working, or training to work in or in conjunction with the books industry.

    Introduction  Part 1: Production and project management  1. Project and production management  2. Planning the product  3. Implementation, Monitoring and Controlling  Part 2: Processes and raw materials  4. Pre-press  5. Raw materials  6. Printing  7. Binding  8.Getting stock to the warehouse  Appendices: Technical data related to standard sheet, reel, and book sizes; a section on paper measurements and calculations  Glossary  List of trade journals and useful reference books  Index


    Adrian Bullock has for the past twenty years been Principal Lecturer on the undergraduate and postgraduate publishing programmes at Oxford Brookes University, where he specializes in project and production management. He is now runs Oxford Publishing Consultancy which specialises in publishing project and production management, and allows him to put to practical use many of the techniques he spends his time teaching. He is also involved in extensive publishing consultancy work in the developing world, particularly in educational publishing, for bilateral and multilateral agencies such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Soros Foundation, DfID, USAID, UNICEF, and UNESCO. 

    'I consider this to be a useful addition to the literature, and would have no hesitation in recommending the paperback to staff at all levels in our production department' – Edward Wates, Learned Publishing

    'This practical overview of the project manager's job is one of the first books on the industry to provide a lengthy exploration of project management, including a comparison of different digital work flows for the modern publisher. While most of the book reflects the skills and training necessary for managers throughout the world, the second part, with its focus on the methods of printing and distribution in the UK, will be less relevant for an American audience. Book Production includes brief case studies and helpful illustrations on work flows and cost analysis...it offers an accessible overview of the skills and knowledge necessary for production managers. This book fills in the gap in readers' knowledge of what happens after the editorial process. Summing Up: Highly recommended.' – J. Rodzvilla, CHOICE