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1st Edition

Books on Children in 16th-18th Century Britain Series I 18th Century Part 1 (1701-1750)

Edited By Takau Shimada, Yuko Engetsu Copyright 2008
    ISBN 9784902454314
    1910 Pages
    Published June 26, 2008 by Edition Synapse

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    This is the first part of a new series of collections of early English writings on children. It consists of facsimile reprints of rare educational and religious books and pamphlets, including conduct books and advice for parents in the early Modern period. A total of forty-five items is planned for inclusion within the three-part series.

    Volume I

    George Monro, The just measures of the pious institution of youth represented according to the maxims of the Gospel, in several essayes. Pt. 1 Recommending up to parents, and others concerned, what they owe more immediately to the souls of children … (London, 1701)

    William Nichols, A treatise of consolation to parents for the death of their children … (London, 1701)

    Volume II

    Gaius Seius, The mothers looking-glass: or, the concurrent judgment of the learned ... (London, 1702)

    Nathanael Taylor, Practical discourses on several important subjects; a discourse of the children of holy parents, Chapters I and IV (London, 1703)

    John Mortimer, Advice to parents; or, rules for the education of children (London, 1704)

    Anon., An hundred godly lessons, that a mother on her death-bed gave to her children ... (Edinburgh, 1715)

    William Fleetwood, The relative duties of parents and children, husbands and wives, masters and servants; considered in sixteen practical discourses, 2nd edn. (London, 1716)

    Volume III

    Anon., The indulgent parents, and rebellious children (London, 1718)

    Shadrach Cooke, Consolation for parents upon the loss of children (London, 1721)

    Society of Friends, An epistle of caution and advice to parents, recommending a godly care for the educating their children in a Christian conversation (London, 1723)

    Jonathan Swift, A modest proposal for preventing the children of poor people from being a burthen to their parents, or the country, and for making them beneficial to the publick, 2nd edn. (Dublin, 1729)

    Eminent Physician, The Nurse’s guide; or, the right method of bringing up young children; the right manner, and true method of bringing up young children according to the rules of physick (London, 1729)

    Philip Doddridge, Sermons on the religious education of children preached at Northampton (London, 1732)

    Volume IV

    Author of the advantages of closet religion, A persuasive to family religion; and the obligation Christian parents are under to the religious education of their children ... (1737)

    Anon., Family religion: or, a guide to parents and masters, to children and servants (London, 1741) (70pp.)

    James Barclay, A treatise on education: or, an easy method of acquiring language, and introducing children to the knowledge of history, geography, mythology, antiquities ... (Edinburgh, 1743)

    Anon., The common errors in the education of children, and their consequences ... (London, 1744)

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