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Borders and Illegal Markets in Latin America

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Borders and Illegal Markets in Latin America

Beatriz Zepeda (Project Leader), El Colegio de México

This series explores the strategic role that borders, and borderlands play in the articulation of illegal markets to the south of the Río Bravo. Focusing on a variety of topics such as gender, contraband, migrant smuggling, drug trafficking, arms trafficking and human trafficking, and many more, the series sheds light on the particularities of illegal markets and the enabling role borders play therein, while providing –when taken as a whole—a more general and complete picture of how borders across Latin America are linked in ways that facilitate global illegal flows.

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Latin America's Global Border System An Introduction

Latin America's Global Border System: An Introduction

1st Edition


Edited By Beatriz Zepeda, Fernando Carrión Mena, Francisco Enríquez Bermeo
January 29, 2024

Latin America’s Global Border System is the opening volume in the first collection of academic works devoted exclusively to borders and illegal markets in Latin America. This volume features expert discussions on border issues of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico and ...

Gender and Embodied Geographies in Latin American Borders

Gender and Embodied Geographies in Latin American Borders

1st Edition

By Maria Amelia Viteri, Iréri Ceja, Cristina Yépez Arroyo
September 25, 2023

Gender and Embodied Geographies in Latin American Borders is the first study of its kind to bring a gender perspective to studies on violence and "illegal markets" in the region. Analyzing the structural problems that create inequality and enable gendered violence in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, ...

Bolivia's Border System Globalization of Illegal Markets

Bolivia's Border System: Globalization of Illegal Markets

1st Edition

By José Blanes Jiménez, Daniela Salinas
April 14, 2023

This volume demonstrates how Bolivia is part of a regional border system and intends to contribute to public policies, related to violence and distortions stemming from global illegal markets, specifically for vulnerable populations. The book offers a multinational investigation on the changing and...

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