1st Edition

Born That Way Genes, Behavior, Personality

By William Wright Copyright 1998

    Taking the nature vs. nurture debate to a new level, this fascinating, comprehensive journey into the world of genetic research and molecular biology offers a fresh assessment of the work that has been done in this relatively new field during the last half century-work that has demolished common assumptions and overturned existing theories about what determines our personality and behavior.

    Chapter 1 The Chemistry of Self; Chapter 2 Birth of A Study; Chapter 3 Desperately Seeking Twins; Chapter 4 Cosmic Secrets of Twins; Chapter 5 Minnesota's Triumphs; Chapter 6 Two Dogs Named Toy; Chapter 7 More Weirdness; Chapter 8 Other Behavioral Genetics Studies; Chapter 9 Stars of the New Field; Chapter 10 The Other End–Searching the DNA; Chapter 11 Moving Right Along the Double Helix; Chapter 12 The UPS and Downs of Human Nature; Chapter 13 Short and Happy Life of the Tabula Rasa; Chapter 14 Surviving the Jensen Furor; Chapter 15 Oh So Political Science; Chapter 16 Scientists in Denial; Chapter 17 Violent Crime in the Maryland Woods; Chapter 18 Conclusions;


    William Wright grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Yale University. He is the author of many books and articles. Wright lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and Key West, Florida.

    "An intriguing survey of genetic influence." -- The Bookwatch, October 1999
    "A stimulating and highly readable introduction to the nature-nurture debate. . . . Essential for those who want to keep pace with the rapidly evolving sciences that seek to tell us exactly who we are." -- The New York Times Book Review
    "...well-written and forceful." -- Washington Times
    "A gifted writer and an astute observer...offers an informative and engrossing account." -- Library Journal
    "Precise and witty, sensitive and forward looking." -- Booklist