1st Edition

Born to Choose Evolution, Self, and Well-Being

By John H Falk Copyright 2018
    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    Born to Choose is John H. Falk’s compelling account of why and how we make the endless set of choices we do, every second of every day of our lives. Synthesizing research from across the biological and social sciences, Falk argues that human choice-making is an evolutionarily ancient and complex process. He suggests that all our choices are influenced by very basic and early evolving needs, and that ultimately each choice is designed to support survival in the guise of perceived well-being. This engaging book breaks new intellectual ground and enhances our understanding not just of human choice-making but human behavior overall.

    1. Born to Choose: An Introduction

    Part I: Developing the Well-Being Systems Model

    2. Well-Being and Choice
    3. Well-Being, Self and Self-Related Needs
    4. The Origins of Well-Being Systems
    5. Well-Being Systems and the Brain
    6. The Well-Being System Model

    Part II: Evolution and Workings of Well-Being Systems

    7. Continuity (originating more than 3.7 billion years ago)
    8. Individuality (originating more than 3.5 billion years ago)
    9. Sexuality (originating more than 2 billion years ago)
    10. Relationality (originating more than 600 million years ago)
    11. Social Awareness (originating more than 16 million years ago)
    12. Envisaging (originating more than 5 million years ago)
    13. Creativity & Spirituality (originating more than 350 thousand years ago)

    Part III: Applying the Well-Being Systems Model

    14. Understanding the Individual in the Moment
    15. Understanding the Individual over Time
    16. Understandings Beyond the Individual



    John H. Falk is Executive Director of the Institute for Learning Innovation and Professor Emeritus of Free-Choice STEM Learning at Oregon State University, USA. He holds a joint doctorate in ecology and science education, and has published widely on a range of topics.

    "I thoroughly enjoyed reading Born to Choose because it rings true with my decades-long scientific study of the principles behind the evolution of physiology. I was particularly interested in the way Falk related choice to the process of homeostasis. Professor Falk has put his finger on the pulse of human existence."
    John S. Torday, UCLA, USA