1st Edition

Boundaries, Territory and Postmodernity

By David Newman Copyright 2000
    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    Contributions to this collection seek to determine the extent to which states and boundaries have, in fact, disappeared, or are simply changing their functions as we move from an era of fixed territories into a post-Westphalian territorial system. A group of international political geographers and political scientists examine the changing nature of the state, pointing to significant changes on the one hand, but equally noting the continued importance of territory and boundaries in determining the political ordering of the post-modern world.

    Geopolitics renaissant - territory, sovereignty and the world political map, David Newman; de-territorialized threats and global dangers - geopolitics and risk society, Gearoid O Tuathail (Gerard Toal); international boundaries, geopolitics and the (post)modern territorial discourse - the functional fiction, Fabrizio Eva; on boundaries, territory and postmodernity - an international relations perspective, Mathias Albert; boundaries as social processes - territoriality in the world of flows, Anssi Paasi; beyond the borders - globalization, sovereignty and extra-teritoriality, Alan Hudson; a treaty of silicon for the treaty of Westphalia? - new territorial dimensions of modern statehood, Stanley D. Brunn; globalization or global apartheid? boundaries and knowledge in postmodern times, Simon Dalby; pseudo-states as harbingers of a new geopolitics - the example of the Trans-Dniester Moldovan Republic (TMR), Vladimir Kolossov and John O'Loughlin; regional identity and the sovereignty principle - explaining Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking, Mira Sucharov.


    Newman, David

    'Adds important pieces to the puzzle which makes up global politics.' - Millenium: Journal of International Studies

    'The essay by the editor is a ringing defense of geopolitics as a field of study, and the volume as a whole largely sustains his argument. For the beginner, the bibliographies attached to each essay will be a real treasure trove.' - Choice

    'This is a book which deserves a much larger popular audience interested in and capable of appreciating the important issues discussed and debated but obscured by the overly scholastic-academic jargon.' - Contemporary Review

    'This book is really worth reading, whether you were interested in territoriality, post-modern world, boundaries, geopolitics or ethnic conflict.' - Ethnic Conflict Research Digest

    'A collection of thoughtful and provocative essays ... provides many useful pointers to the changing relationship between boundaries, territory and state power.' - Progress in Human Geography