Brain and Values : Is A Biological Science of Values Possible? book cover
1st Edition

Brain and Values
Is A Biological Science of Values Possible?

Edited By

Karl H. Pribram

ISBN 9780805831542
Published May 1, 1998 by Psychology Press
576 Pages

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Book Description

This 5th volume of the Appalachian Conference discusses how the brain processes information, the role of memory and value, and models of creativity. It pursues aspects of cognitive neuroscience and behavioral neurodynamics, such as the topic of values and quantum-distributed processing in the brain.

Table of Contents

Contents: R.J. Sternberg, Keynote: Successful Intelligence: An Expanded Approach to Understanding Intelligence. K.H. Pribram, Ruminations on Sex and Death; Memory and Value. Part I:Introduction. B.J. MacLennan, Mixing Memory and Desire: Want and Will in Neural Modeling. K.H. Pribram, On Brain and Value: Utility, Preference, Play, and Creativity. P. Werbos, Values, Goals and Utility in an Engineering-Based Theory of Mammalian Intelligence. Part II:Preference. T.R. Zentall, Stimulus Class Formation in Animals. Y.M. Yufik, Virtual Associative Networks: A Framework for Cognitive Modeling. T.P. Vogl, K.T. Blackwell, D.L. Alkon, Self-Organization of Cortical Information Processing. T. Kohonen, The Self-Organizing Map, A Possible Model of Brain Maps. H. Stapp, Pragmatic Approach to Consciousness. G.E. Schwartz, L.G. Russek, Do All Dynamical Systems Have Memory? Implications of the Systematic Memory Hypothesis for Science and Society. Part III:Utility. C.A. Ahern, F.B. Wood, C.M. McBrien, Preserved Semantic Memory in an Amnesic Child. B.B. Murdock, The Role of Memory in the Brain, Values, and Choice. T.R. Zentall, L.R. Sherburne, Transfer of Value in Simultaneous Discriminations: Implications for Cognitive and Social Processes. A.N. Schore, The Experience-Dependent Maturation of an Evaluative System in the Cortex. R. McCraty, M. Atkinson, D. Tomasion, W.A. Tiller, The Electricity of Touch: Detection and Measurement of Cardiac Energy. L. Deeke, W. Lang, Readiness For Action. Part IV:Creativity. R.J. Sternberg, A Larmarckian Model of Creativity. S. Leven, Metaphor, Healing, and Creativity: Re-Framing as a Biological Phenomenon. R.T. Bradley, Values, Agency, and the Theory of Quantum Vacuum Interaction. A. Amsel, On Cognitive Maps, Vicarious Trial-and-Error, and Impulsivity. J.L. McClelland, Role of the Hippocampus in Learning and Memory: A Computational Analysis. Part V:Afterword. K.H. Pribram, Commentary on J.L. McClelland. J.L. McClelland, McClelland Reactions to Pribram's Commentary. K. Pribram, Commentary on the Relation Between Value and Amnesia.

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