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1st Edition

Breaking the Silence

ISBN 9780415784450
Published January 30, 2019 by Routledge
139 Pages

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Book Description

Intended for psychologists, clergy, and therapists and school guidance counselors specializing in treating dysfunctional families, grief counseling for the family, unresolved grief issues, etc. This book is also especially appropriate for students of psychology and death and bereavement courses.

Table of Contents

Family Background-Parents Meet
The Steiner family escape from Russia in 1922; in order to survive the family must separate.  After five long years they are reunited in Montreal where the Roth family is settled. It is here that Anne Steiner and Jack Roth meet and marry in 1939.
Our Early Years
Anne Roth is shattered when it is confirmed her brother was killed during the war—so devastated by this news, Anne's own mother dies within a few months.  The result of these tragedies lay bear the foundation for the familial dysfunction ahead.
The Death
Shortly after his Barmitzvah, my brother Mathew dies accidentally. My parents, overwhelmed by their own indescribable agony and despair are incapable of dealing with their remaining children's trauma. The family falls into a silent state of grief.
The Aftermath
Lost in their silence, the children withdraw from their parents as well as one another.
Until Five Years Later
I marry to escape from the family, thus marking the beginning of my pattern of running away.
Marriage proves to be a nightmare, and I return home.
The first person to help with my trauma over the loss of my brother enters my life, conversely relations with my family worsen.
It is here that peace and compassion is found— among strangers.
Rift Caused by my Absence
I am isolated from all family members after almost five years of running.
Enlightened by my relationship with Rainer,  I realize that it is time to stop running.
Home to Stay
I return to  Montreal, happy to be free of any ties and when least expected, I meet my second husband.
I am seduced by this  settled person who brings a child into my life from a previous marriage. I find identity and reason in my newfound family.
I lose my child and find myself back in the darkness that I was in when I lost my brother.
Road to Healing
This chapter marks a time of clear awareness of my need for help regarding loss, I finally turn to therapy.
Center for Sibling Loss
I discover the importance of sharing grief rather than trying to work it out alone.
Me and my siblings briefly set aside our differences to celebrate our parent's 50th wedding anniversary.
Families and Siblings
I come to understand that if siblings, families, couples, etc. don't work at maintaining their relationships on an ongoing basis, people will eventually grow apart from each other.
Closing Poem

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