1st Edition

Breast Cancer Collaborative Management

By Jay K. Harness Copyright 1988

    Prominent specialists champion the view that contemporary management of breast, or any, cancer requires the partnership of physicians, nurses, social workers, and all others whose special training and talents should be integrated for treating the whole patient. Here is the book that sets forth the rationale for this nationwide emerging concept and the means for accomplishing it.

    Dealing with total care of the whole patient, this new classic text is written by and for surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologist, pathologists, radiologists, nurses, social workers, and others involved with the care and management of the patient with breast cancer.

    ; PAST and PRESENT TRENDS in the MANAGEMENT of the PATIENT WITH BREAST CANCER. Organizing for Collaborative Management: What are the Options? Management of Primary Breast Cancer: A Biologic and Therapeutic Review. Coping with Breast Cancer: What Health Professionals Can Do to Help. Payments for Breast Cancer During 1985: The Michigan Blue Cross/Blue Shield Experience. Legal Requirements of Informed Consent for Treatment of Breast Cancer: Telling It All. Epidemiology of Breast Cancer. DIAGNOSIS and DECISION MAKING. Evaluation of Breast Masses. Mammography: Changing Role and Concepts. Fine Needle Aspiration: The New Diagnostic Technique? Technique of Segmental Mastectomy: The National Surgical Adjuvant Breast Project (NSABP) Experience. The Changing Role of the Pathologist in the Diagnosis of Breast Lesions. MANAGEMENT of the PATIENT WITH BREAST CANCER. The Surgeon's Role in the Management of the Patient with Breast Cancer. The Treatment of Breast Cancer with Excision Followed by Radiation Therapy. Contemporary Chemotherapy. Breast Reconstruction. Management Dilemmas: The Contralateral Breast and the Role of Prophylactic Mastectomy. Dilemmas in Breast Cancer: Occult Carcinoma and Paget's Disease of the Breast. Breast Cancer Management in Pregnancy and Young Women. New Horizons in the Treatment of Breast Cancer. PSYCHOSOCIAL ISSUES and WELLNESS. Multidisciplinary Breast Care Center: Experience at The University of Michigan. Women's Experience of Choice: Confronting the Options for Treatment of Breast Cancer. Coping with Breast Cancer: Psychological Interventions and Skills. Rehabilitation. Diet and Exercise in the Management of the Patient with Breast Cancer. Nursing Management of the Patient with Breast Cancer. Social Work with the Breast Cancer Patient. Update on the Psychosocial Issues of Breast Cancer Treatments.


    Jay K. Harness Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Director, Breast Care Center; Harold A. Oberman Professor and Head, Section of Clinical Pathology, Department of Pathology;  Allen S. Lichter Professor and Chairman , Department of Radiation Oncology, Dorit D. Adler Assistant Professor and Director Division of Mammography, Department of Radiology; Robert L. Cody Instructor, Division of Hematology/ Oncology, - all University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan.