1st Edition

Brick and Block Masonry Proceedings of the 16th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference, Padova, Italy, 26-30 June 2016

Edited By Claudio Modena, F. da Porto, M.R. Valluzzi Copyright 2016

    Brick and Block Masonry - Trends, Innovations and Challenges contains the lectures and regular papers presented at the 16th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference (Padova, Italy, 26-30 June 2016).

    In an ever-changing world, in which innovations are rapidly implemented but soon surpassed, the challenge for masonry, the oldest and most traditional building material, is that it can address the increasingly pressing requirements of quality of living, safety, and sustainability. This abstracts volume and full paper USB device, focusing on challenges, innovations, trends and ideas related to masonry, in both research and building practice, will proof to be a valuable source of information for researchers and practitioners, masonry industries and building management authorities, construction professionals and educators.


    Modern and ancient masonry: Nature and role of the binder
    G. Artioli & M. Secco

    Multi-scale analysis of masonry structures based on discrete element method
    X.L. Gu, H. Zhang, J.Y. Jia, X. Li & G.L. Chen

    Green building programs in the USA and sustainable design strategies utilizing masonry
    C.A. Subasic

    Some considerations on testing and experimental simulation of seismic behaviour of masonry walls and buildings
    M. Tomaževič

    Analysis of masonry structures

    Probability of occurrance of slip failure along head joints in masonry subjected to in-plane loading
    M. Asenov, N. Mojsilović & T. Mićić

    Backbone model for displacement-based seismic design of reinforced masonry shear wall buildings
    A. Ashour & W. El-Dakhakhni

    Determination the capacity reduction factor of masonry walls under buckling—a numerical procedure based on the transfer matrix method
    T. Bakeer & W. Jager

    Critical remarks on the use of partial safety factors in non-linear analysis of vertically loaded masonry walls
    T. Bakeer & W. Jager

    Comparative seismic assessment of masonry towers through nonlinear analysis: The RiSEM experience
    G. Bartoli, M. Betti & S. Monchetti

    Closed form homogenization model for masonry in-plane loaded
    E. Bertolesi & G. Milani

    Some remarks on the dynamic characterization of historical architectural complexes in the context of seismic performance assessment
    D. Brigante, C. Rainieri & G. Fabbrocino

    Rocking resonance of a rigid free standing block
    C. Casapulla

    The relevance of frictional resistances in out-of-plane mechanisms of block masonry structures
    C. Casapulla, L.U. Argiento, F. da Porto & D. Bonaldo

    Dynamic identification analysis for the FE model updating of masonry buildings
    S. Churilov, K. Milkova & E. Dumova-Jovanoska

    Strength reduction factor for out-of-plane failure mechanisms of masonry walls
    S. Coccia, F. Di Carlo & S. Imperatore

    In-plane strength under seismic forces of multi-storey masonry walls reinforced by steel ties
    S. Coccia, M. Como & F. Di Carlo

    Strength of cracked masonry buttresses under horizontal loads
    S. Coccia, F. Di Carlo & G. Forino

    Cross curves of stability for drystone retaining wall design
    A.S. Colas, D. Garnier, J.C. Morel, T. Ciblac & C. O’Neill

    A study of masonry walls by boundary element formulation using homogenization procedure
    L. de Oliveira Neto, F.B. Mangueira & M.J. Masia

    Discrete modelling of masonry structures under dynamic loading
    R. Dimitri & G. Zavarise

    Quasi-static cyclic testing of partially grouted masonry walls with openings—preliminary results
    E.S. Fortes, M.R. Silva, G.A. Parsekian, F.S. Fonseca & N.G. Shrive

    Influence of connections in the seismic behaviour of trilithic large blocks masonry structures
    D. Foti, V. Vacca & S. Ivorra

    Finite element modelling of a hybrid unreinforced masonry-reinforced concrete wall
    F. Frederickx, B. Vandoren & H. Degee

    Finite element analysis on unreinforced masonry walls with openings under lateral loads
    Y.J. Hou, X.L. Gu & X. Li

    Stochastic spatial modelling of material properties and structural strength of unreinforced masonry in two-way bending
    J. Li, M.J. Masia & M.G. Stewart

    Seismic assessment of stone masonry using distinct element method
    B. Lipo, Al. Genoese, An. Genoese & G. de Felice

    Nonlinear macroelement modelling of experimental tests on masonry buildings with rigid diaphragms
    M. Mandirola, A. Galasco, A. Penna & G. Magenes

    The earthquake performance of stone-masonry basilica churches in Kefalonia-Greece including wall detachment and soil-foundation deformability
    G.C. Manos, E. Kozikopoulos, L. Kotoulas & O. Felekidou

    New method for determining spacing of movement joints in solid unreinforced veneer walls
    D.R.W. Martens

    Comparison of equivalent beam models and refined approaches for the modelling of masonry portal frames
    C. Mordant, H. Degee & B. Vandoren

    Is Modal Pushover Analysis accurate in estimating seismic demands for unreinforced masonry buildings with flexible diaphragms?
    Y. Nakamura, H. Derakhshan, M.C. Griffith & G. Magenes

    Comparison of seismic behaviour of facades of colonial churches with and without bell towers
    F. Pena, C.E. Cruz & N. Garcia

    Seismic assessment of innovative AAC masonry solutions
    A. Penna, G. Magenes, A. Rosti, M. Mandirola & M. Rota

    Analysis of reinforced masonry structures: Equivalent frame approach with Force-Based Elements
    M. Peruch, E. Spacone & P.B. Shing

    Evaluation of masonry block structures subjected to foundation settlements using limit equilibrium analysis
    F. Portioli, L. Cascini & R. Landolfo

    Modelling crushing failure in 3D limit analysis of masonry block structures by mathematical programming
    F. Portioli, L. Cascini, C. Casapulla & R. Landolfo

    Modelling the mechanical behaviour of vegetable fibre reinforced concrete blocks
    M.A. Ramalho & A. Taliercio

    Static and dynamic analysis of masonry buildings using a new macroelement within the equivalent frame method
    G. Rinaldin & C. Amadio

    Application of crude Monte Carlo and adaptive importance sampling in reliability assessment of URM shear walls
    H. Salehi, M. Montazerolghaem & W. Jager

    Effect of pier-spandrel geometry on the in-plane response of masonry structures
    S. Saloustros, L. Pela, M. Cervera, P. Roca & D. D’Ayala

    Simulating masonry failure using continuous and discontinuous damage models
    B. Vandoren

    Bond of composites to masonry

    Bond characteristics of fibre reinforced mortar in masonry using image analysis
    D. Alterman, A.W. Page & J. Kubica

    On site composites-to-masonry bond evaluation in presence of rising damp and salt crystallization
    G. Cardani, L. Binda, M.R. Valluzzi, P. Girardello, M. Panizza, E. Garbin & P. Casadei

    In situ pull-out tests of steel and GFRP injected anchors in masonry walls
    F. Ceroni, R. Cuzzilla & M.R. Pecce

    Experimental characterization of mortar-based reinforcements with carbon fabrics
    S. De Santis, F. Roscini & G. de Felice

    On the mechanical behaviour of anchored CFRP-to-masonry reinforcements
    M. Fagone & G. Ranocchiai

    Testing of bond solutions for UHTS steel strand composites applied to extruded bricks
    E. Garbin, M. Panizza, A. Kwiecień, B. Zając, F. Nardon & M.R. Valluzzi

    Influence of mortar coating type on the shear resistance of a GFRP based strengthening technique for brick masonry walls
    N. Gattesco & I. Boem

    Long-term environmental effects on FRP-masonry bond
    W. Lucas, P. Visintin & M.C. Griffith

    Durability of FRP-strengthening masonry bricks under hygrothermal conditions
    H. Maljaee, B. Ghiassi, P.B. Lourenco & D.V. Oliveira

    Bond behaviour between textile and mortar for masonry strengthening
    D. Saenger & W. Brameshuber

    A study of the debonding mechanism in steel and basalt FRCM-masonry joints
    M. Santandrea, I.A.O. Imohamed, C. Carloni, C. Mazzotti, S. de Miranda & F. Ubertini

    Study on local effects of aggressive environmental conditions on masonry strengthened with FRCM
    C. Tedeschi, S. Perego & M.R. Valluzzi

    Building physics & durability

    How to recognize the impact of masonry components on housing thermal performance
    D. Alterman, A.W. Page, C. Zhang & B. Moghtaderi

    The importance of internal thermal mass to the thermal performance of housing
    D. Alterman, A.W. Page, C. Zhang & B. Moghtaderi

    Experimental investigations on the influence of thermal elements on the structural stability of modern masonry walls
    M. Deyazada, B. Vandoren & H. Degee

    Methodology for the detection and quantification of the moisture content in ceramic masonry structures
    L.D. Domenech, G.P. Cetrangolo, G. Moltini & A.A. Morquio

    Creating comfortable conditions in buildings
    G.J. Edgell

    Probabilistic modelling of the damage induced by salt crystallization in fiber reinforced clay brick masonry
    E. Garavaglia, C. Tedeschi, S. Perego & M.R. Valluzzi

    Influence of the suction behaviour of calcium silicate units on the properties of masonry under compressive load
    M. Graubohm & W. Brameshuber

    Retrofitting vapour permeable insulation to traditional brick and stone masonry walls, observations from 15 in situ trials
    M. Jenkins

    Long term monitoring of water content in a brick masonry wall using a dielectric probe
    P.K. Larsen

    Influence of the salt crystallization in the durability of granites used in vernacular masonry buildings
    M.L. Martins, G. Vasconcelos, P.B. Lourenco & C. Palha

    Innovative masonry elements with thermal performance
    C.L. Matei

    Influence of water saturation on the strength and deformability of brick masonry under compression
    P. Matysek & M. Witkowski

    Corrosion of bed joint reinforcement in faced single-leaf brick facades—field survey
    M. Molnar & O. Larsson

    Freeze-thaw durability of cement-lime-sand mortars
    A.S. Smith

    Influence of enclosure masonry walls on energy consumption of buildings
    H. Sousa, R. Sousa & L. Sousa

    Influence of nitrates salts on chosen properties of ceramic brick
    T. Stryszewska

    Experimental investigation of thermal insulation properties of Semi Interlocking Masonry (SIM) Walls
    Y. Totoev, R. Forghani, S. Kanjanabootra & D. Alterman

    Efflorescence formation on external masonry walls—a long-term exposure study
    M. Wesołowska & A. Kaczmarek

    Influence of selected mortars on the integrity of facing walls
    M. Wesołowska

    Investigation of the temporal development of carbonation mechanisms of autoclaved aerated concrete
    B. Winkels & W. Brameshuber

    Case studies

    Post-tensioned concrete masonry roof panels: A case study
    D. Biggs

    Military masonry structures: Characteristics of the XVI century coastal watchtowers of the Pontifical States
    R. Cacciotti & J. Kunecky

    Critical issues in the assesment of seismic vulnerability of historical masonry buildings: A study case
    B. Calderoni, E.A. Cordasco, G. Pacella & V. Onotri

    A 20-storey high masonry building in Brazil—design problems and adopted strategies
    M.R.S. Correa

    BIM schema for masonry units and walls
    T.R. Gentry, S. Sharif, A. Cavieres & D. Biggs

    Indicators of the design for producing non-loadbearing masonry
    A.C. Lordsleem Jr. & V. Silva

    Structural characterization and performance assessment of the Villa d’Este Palace in Tivoli
    A. Marra, D. Brigante, C. Rainieri & G. Fabbrocino

    Gaudi’s La Pedrera, sustainable masonry building from the beginning of the 20th century
    C. Salas, C. Bedoya & J. Adell

    The identification of horizontal wooden beams in the walls of historic buildings in safed: First stages in research
    Y. Schaffer, A. Levy, M. Ronen & A. Hilman

    The untold story of the masonry industry in the United States
    J.G. Tawresey

    Codes & standards

    Empirical estimation of the load bearing capacity of masonry under buckling—critical remarks and a proposal for a new approach
    T. Bakeer & W. Jager

    Analysis of nationally determined parameters of EN 1996-1-1
    C-A. Graubner & B. Koob

    Practical design of masonry subjected to horizontal loads based on Eurocode 6 shear model
    A. Jager & M. Gams

    Next generation of Eurocode 8, masonry chapter
    S. Lu, K. Beyer, V. Bosiljkov, C. Butenweg, D. D’Ayala, H. Degee, M. Gams, J. Klouda, S. Lagomarsino, A. Penna, N. Mojsilovic, F. da Porto, L. Sorrentino & E. Vintzileou

    The role of a systematic analysis of building codes to support an assessment methodology for built heritage
    C. Ornelas, J.M. Guedes & I. Breda-Vazquez

    Adoption and implementation of Eurocode 6 in Sri Lanka context
    J.A. Thamboo

    Conservation of historic buildings

    Experimental analysis of masonry ring beams reinforced with composite materials
    A. Borri, R. Sisti, M. Corradi & A. Giannantoni

    Seismic vulnerability of “ancient” masonry buildings and strengthening intervention strategies
    B. Calderoni, A. Prota, E.A. Cordasco & A. Sandoli

    Origin and transformation of the Portico Lungo in Carpi: Analysing the brickwork facade
    C. Di Biase, L. Balboni & P. Corradini

    Experimental studies of brick masonry in the Auschwitz II—Birkenau former death camp buildings
    P. Matysek, T. Stryszewska & S. Kańka

    Seismic strengthening of a theatre masonry building by using active FRP wires
    F. Micelli, A. Cascardi & M. Marsano

    The brick masonry of Pietrasanta bell tower in Naples. Knowledge and conservation of an iconic medieval building
    R. Picone & S. Borea

    The uniqueness of the Salt Warehouse in Mantua: Analysis of the structure complexity from the Roman Wall to present
    A. Saisi, S. Terenzoni & L. Valsasnini

    Use of polymer grid for structural reinforcement in a brick masonry church in Peru
    D. Torrealva & W. Torres

    Knowledge-based data warehouse of interventions for the protection of masonry historical heritage
    M.R. Valluzzi, F. da Porto, G. Giacometti, F. Lorenzoni & C. Modena

    The preservation problems of masonry houses in Başpinar rural settlement
    H. Yildiz

    Earthen constructions

    Mechanical testing in adobe bricks and earthen mortar from the archaeological complex of Huaca de la Luna in Peru
    R. Aguilar, M. Montesinos, E. Ramirez, S. Uceda & R. Morales

    Geomatics’ procedures and dynamic identification for the structural survey of the church of ‘San Juan Bautista de Huaro’ in Peru
    R. Aguilar, M.F. Noel, C. Briceno, D. Arce, B. Castaneda & L.F. Ramos

    Adobe in Sardinia. Static and dynamic behaviour of the earthen material and of adobe constructions
    D. Asprone, F. Parisi, A. Prota, L. Fenu & V. Colasanti

    Recycled-plastic reinforced earthen masonry prototype for tornado-resistant dwellings
    M.C. Cuellar-Azcarate & F. Matta

    Assessment of the seismic vulnerability of traditional Bhutanese buildings
    T. Ilharco, A.A. Costa, J.M. Guedes, B. Quelhas da Silva, V. Lopes, J.L. Vasconcelos & G. Vasconcelos

    Bonding capacity of jute fabric reinforcements of earthen structural elements. An experimental analysis
    F. Loccarini, M. Fagone, G. Ranocchiai, J.A. Garcia Manrique & J.R. Ruiz Checa

    Modern earth construction techniques—an overview
    D. Maskell, B.V.V. Reddy, P. Walker & A. Heath

    Calibration of partial safety factors for earth block masonry under compression loading
    P. Muller, L. Miccoli, P. Fontana & C. Ziegert

    Mechanical performance of compressed earth block masonry using granitic residual soils
    D.V. Oliveira, T.F. Miranda, L.F. Ramos, R.A. Silva, E. Soares & D. Leitao

    Static and dynamic testing for validating the polymer grid as external reinforcement in earthen buildings
    D. Torrealva

    Eco-materials & sustainability

    Ability to resist different weathering actions of eco-friendly wood fiber masonry blocks
    Z.K. Aljaberi, A.A. Gheni, J.J. Myers & M.E. ElGawady

    Developments in construction details using masonry in the UK
    C.A. Fudge

    Energy efficiency and thermal characterization of eco-friendly wood fiber masonry blocks
    A.A. Gheni, Z.K. Aljaberi, M.E. ElGawady & J.J. Myers

    Quality factors for the evaluation of sustainable redevelopment of masonry buildings
    A. Ohler

    Resource efficiency by demountable slab construction using masonry units
    S. Ortlepp, R. Masou, W. Jager & R. Ortlepp

    Masonry in Australia—meeting the challenges of the 21st century
    A.W. Page & E. McIntyre

    Innovative mix design with bionatural aggregates for precast vibro compressed units
    M. Sassu, L. Giresini, E. Bonannini & R. Cecconi

    Lime carbonation, environmental footprint of seven mortars placed on the European market
    T. Schlegel & A. Shtiza

    Characterization and blowing application tests of a new geopolymer loose-fill material for the insulation of cavity walls
    A. Smits, D. Nicaise, F. de Barquin, K. Hariri & J. Bosnjak

    Effect and durability of sisal fibers in concrete blocks
    I.I. Soto & M.A. Ramalho

    Fire resistance, blasts & impacts

    Probabilistic risk assessment of masonry buildings exposed to improvised explosive devices
    M. Campidelli, W.W. El-Dakhakhni, M.J. Tait & W. Mekky

    Risk–driven fragility evaluation of reinforced concrete block walls subjected to blast hazard
    M. Campidelli, W.W. El-Dakhakhni, M.J. Tait & W. Mekky

    Modelling of masonry walls rendered with auxetic foam layers against vehicular impacts
    M. Dhanasekar, D.P. Thambiratnam, T.H.T. Chan, S. Noor-E-Khuda & T. Zahra

    Extended application of fire test results with clay unit masonry according to EN 15080-12
    U. Meyer & T. Mittmann

    Out-of-plane blast capacity of load-bearing masonry walls
    F. Parisi, C. Balestrieri & D. Asprone

    Numeric research on the mechanical properties of different masonry units during and after fire
    S. Russo & F. Sciarretta

    Resilience-based design of reinforced masonry wall buildings under blast loading
    S. Salem, W. El-Dakhakhni & M. Tait

    Numerical analysis of the structural response of RC-framed buildings subjected to internal explosions
    M.A. Zanini, P. Mocellin, C. Vianello, G. Maschio, F. Faleschini, M. Andreotti, C. Pellegrino & C. Modena

    Masonry bridges, arches & vaults

    3D Limit Analysis of Roman groin vaults
    C. Baggio & P. Trovalusci

    Influence of environmental degradation on dynamic properties of masonry bridges
    A. Benedetti, J. Nichols & A. Tomor

    Fiber-reinforcement of masonry arches and barrel vaults through topology optimization
    M. Bruggi & A. Taliercio

    Operating conditions of an ancient Roman bridge: Inspections and vibration analysis
    M. Caldon, F. Lorenzoni, C. Modena, R. Deiana & M.R. Valluzzi

    Modeling unknown variables and degradation effects in the assessment of stone arch bridges
    C. Citto & D.B. Woodham

    The analysis of the main spire reversed arches of the Cathedral of Milan
    D. Coronelli, G. Cardani & G. Angjeliu

    Experimental and numerical modal analysis of a historical masonry bridge
    L. Dezi, F. Gara, D. Roia & G. Leoni

    Experimental and numerical analyses of a masonry arch under base impulse excitation
    A. Gaetani, G. Monti, M. Moroni & P.B. Lourenco

    Small scale tests to verify the admissible spreading of the support of an arched masonry construction for a historic bridge intervention
    B. Gigla & T. Jansen

    Methodology of static analysis, strengthening and monitoring of brick vaults and pillars in St. James basilica in Nysa (Poland)
    J. Jasieńko, Ł.J. Bednarz, W. Misztal, K. Raszczuk & T.P. Nowak

    “Reinforced Arch Method” in the consolidation of masonry arches and vaults: Experimental results
    L. Jurina

    Effects of FRP-strengthening on thrusts of arches and vaulted masonry structures
    A. La Tegola & W. Mera

    Plywood extrados retaining structures for the retrofit of single-leaf vaults
    A. Marini, E. Giuriani, A. Belleri, M. Preti & L. Ferrario

    Simplified model for collapse analysis of masonry barrel vaults
    G. Ramaglia, G.P. Lignola & A. Prota

    Structural analysis of a large stone dome in Granada (Spain)
    J. Suarez & C. Madero

    Masonry infill walls & RC frames

    Out-of-plane response of masonry infilled RC frames: Effect of workmanship and opening
    F. Akhoundi, G. Vasconcelos, P. Lourenco & L. Silva

    Innovative systems for masonry infill walls based on the use of rubber joints: Finite element modelling and comparison with in-plane tests
    A. Calabria, G. Guidi, F. da Porto & C. Modena

    A simplified assessment model of masonry infill piers
    T.C. Chiou, S.J. Hwang, Y.H. Tu & Y.S. Tu

    The INSYSME project: Innovative construction systems for earthquake resistant masonry infill walls
    F. da Porto, N. Verlato, G. Guidi & C. Modena

    Numerical analysis of the out-of-plane response of two systems for masonry infills
    A. Drougkas, C.-E. Adami, E. Vintzileou & V. Palieraki

    Numerical analysis of a masonry infill (divided into smaller wallettes) under in-plane cyclic loading
    A. Drougkas, C.-E. Adami, E. Vintzileou & V. Palieraki

    In-plane cyclic tests on hollow clay brick masonry infills retrofitted by glass fiber mesh reinforced mortar coating
    L. Facconi, F. Minelli & E. Giuriani

    Experimental study of the out-of-plane behaviour of masonry infill walls with and without previous in-plane damage
    A. Furtado, A. Arede, H. Varum & H. Rodrigues

    Simplified evaluation of drifts for RC buildings with masonry infills
    S. Hak, P. Morandi & G. Magenes

    Numerical investigation of masonry infilled R.C. frames
    T. Kubalski, M. Marinković & C. Butenweg

    A masonry infill wall model with in-plane—out-of-plane interaction applied to pushover analysis of RC frames
    F. Longo, G. Granello, G. Tecchio, F. da Porto & C. Modena

    Seismic response history analysis including out-of-plane collapse of unreinforced masonry infill walls in RC frame structures
    F. Longo, L. Wiebe, F. da Porto & C. Modena

    In-plane performance of RC infilled frames under seismic actions: Experimental versus code provision values
    A. Masi, V. Manfredi & G. Cetraro

    Numerical simulation of the non-linear behaviour of masonry infills within multi-story RC framed structures
    G.C. Manos & V. Soulis

    Innovative seismic solution for clay masonry infills with sliding joints: Experimental tests
    R.R. Milanesi, P. Morandi & G. Magenes

    Innovative seismic solution for clay masonry infills with sliding joints: Principles and details
    P. Morandi, R.R. Milanesi & G. Magenes

    Behaviour of masonry infills subjected to out of plane seismic actions. Part 1: Theoretical analysis
    M. Moşoarcă, C. Petruş, V. Stoian & A. Anastasiadis

    Behaviour of masonry infills subjected to out of plane seismic actions. Part 2: Experimental testing
    M. Moşoarcă, C. Petruş, V. Stoian & A. Anastasiadis

    Experimental study of the effect of interfacial gaps on the in-plane behaviour of masonry infilled RC frames
    E. Nasiri & Y. Liu

    In-plane—out-of-plane interaction in the seismic response of masonry infills in RC frames
    M. Oliaee & G. Magenes

    Design of masonry infill walls with sliding joints for earthquake structural damage control
    M. Preti, V. Bolis & A. Stavridis

    Prediction of the out-of-plane response of infilled frames under seismic loads by a new fibersection macro-model
    P.B. Shing, L. Cavaleri & F. Di Trapani

    Experimental evaluation of a constructive system for earthquake resisting masonry enclosure walls
    L. Silva, G. Vasconcelos, P. Lourenco & F. Akhoundi

    Lateral load experiment and comparison with analytical model for in-filled masonry panels with openings in an RC frame
    Y.H. Tu, Y.F. Chao & T.C. Chiou

    Experimental tests on masonry infilled gravity- and seismic-load designed RC frames
    G.M. Verderame, P. Ricci, C. Del Gaudio & M.T. De Risi

    Innovative systems for masonry infill walls based on the use of deformable joints: Combined in-plane/out-of-plane tests
    N. Verlato, G. Guidi, F. da Porto & C. Modena

    In-plane and out-of-plane response of a masonry infill divided into smaller wallettes
    E. Vintzileou, C.E. Adami & V. Palieraki

    Non-linear static analysis of multi-storey steel frame with semi-interlocking masonry infill panels
    Z. Wang, Y. Totoev & K. Lin

    Contribution of masonry cladding for robustness enhancement of multi-storey buildings under sudden column loss
    F.B. Xavier, L. Macorini & B.A. Izzuddin

    Masonry materials & testing

    Integrated geomatic methodologies for the 3-D survey of “Ex Stazione Frigorifera Specializzata” (Magazzini Generali of Verona, Italy)
    V. Achilli, M. Fabris, A. Menin & M. Monego

    Experimental testing of unreinforced masonry walls with openings subject to cyclic in-plane shear
    C. Allen, M.J. Masia, A.W. Page, M.C. Griffith, H. Derakhshan & N. Mojsilovic

    Compressive behavior of hollow block masonry prism plastered with steel fiber reinforced mortar with microsilica and nanosilica
    M. Alshugaa, M.K. Rahman, M.H. Baluch, M. Al-Osta & A. Sadoon

    Laser shearography NDE of masonry and concrete structures
    A.M. Amde, R. Livingston & J.W. Newman

    Sustainable self-consolidating grout
    C.V. Baltimore, J. Mwangi & K. Siggard

    Microstructural characterization of phases and interfaces of Portland cement mortar
    M.F.O. Barreto & P.R.G. Brandao

    Nanostructural characterization of phases and interfaces of Portland cement mortar
    M.F.O. Barreto & P.R.G. Brandao

    Effect of static and kinematic boundary conditions on the out-of-plane response of brick masonry walls
    K. Beyer & F. Lucca

    Mechanical characterization of particular masonry panels in Tuscany
    S. Boschi, C. Bernardini, A. Borghini, A. Ciavattone, E. Del Monte, S. Giordano, A. Vignoli & N. Signorini

    The improvement of spandrels in existing masonry buildings in order to avoid brittle failure: Experimental campaign on reinforced specimens
    B. Calderoni, E.A. Cordasco & G. Pacella

    The diagnostic investigations plan for historic masonry buildings: The role of sonic tests and other minor destructive techniques
    L. Cantini

    The analysis and the diagnostic investigation of tuff masonry structures of a historic villa in Naples
    L. Cantini, M.A. Parisi, C. Tardini & G. Cardani

    Analysis and evaluations of flat jack test on a wide existing masonry buildings sample
    E. Cescatti, M. Dalla Benetta, C. Modena & F. Casarin

    Out-of-plane loading test of perforated concrete brick walls confined by floor slabs
    L.F. Chen, X. Li & X.L. Gu

    Double punch tests on new and salt-decayed lime mortar joints
    C. Colla & E. Gabrielli

    On-site diagnosis of masonry structures via sonic tomography: The case of the ex-church of San Barbaziano
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    Claudio Modena is full professor of Structural Engineering at the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering of the University of Padova, and holder of the courses of "Construction Technology" and "Theory and Design of Bridges" at the School of Engineering. He is co-coordinator of the Advanced Master Course in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions (Master Erasmus Mundus SAHC) and Director of the Material Testing Laboratory at the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering in Padova. Professor Modena is also member of many international scientific and technical committees, such as ICOMOS-ISCARSAH, UNESCO, RILEM, CIB, CEN, ECTP-FACH, UNI. He is author of over 500 publications, and the main fields of interest are theoretical/experimental techniques and procedures (test methods, monitoring) for the structural evaluation of historic constructions, development and mechanical characterisation of materials and techniques (both traditional and innovative) for repairing/strengthening existing constructions, procedures for the assessment and mitigation of the seismic vulnerability of existing masonry structures.

    Francesca da Porto is associate professor at the Department of Civil, Environmental, Architectural Engineering of the University of Padova. She is holder of the courses "Aseismic design of building structures" and "Structural analysis and Design 2 and laboratory" at the School of Engineering, and is also vice dean for Buildings and Safety. She coordinates and has coordinated several European research projects, as well as R&D activities funded by the industry. She is Vice President of the Commission for Structural Engineering – Masonry Structures of the Italian Normative Body and Italian representative at CEN. She is also founder partner of EXPIN srl – Advanced Structural Control, a spin-off company of the University of Padova. The main fields of interest are seismic engineering applied to historic and new masonry constructions, mechanical characterization of materials and techniques, numerical modelling and seismic evaluation of buildings structural behaviour.

    Maria Rosa Valluzzi is associate professor at the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Padova and holder of the courses "Preservative Design for Monuments and Historic Buildings" and "Restoration and laboratory". She is member of many scientific and normative bodies, such as UNI, CEN and RILEM and founder partner of EXPIN srl – Advanced Structural Control, a spin-off company of the University of Padova. She has more than 230 publications and was awarded the RILEM medal "Robert l’Heremite". Her main areas of interest are the analysis of conservation problems of historical buildings and construction materials, by means of experimental research, numerical modelling and application of both traditional and innovative techniques; the assessment and mitigation of the seismic vulnerability of existing masonry structures.