1st Edition

Bridges Between Psychology and Linguistics A Swarthmore Festschrift for Lila Gleitman

Edited By Donna Jo Napoli, Judy Anne Kegl, Judy Kegl Copyright 1991
    ISBN 9781138987890
    310 Pages
    Published May 13, 2016 by Psychology Press

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    ISBN 9780805807837
    310 Pages
    Published October 1, 1991 by Psychology Press

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    Written as a tribute to Lila Gleitman, an influential pioneer in first language acquisition and reading studies, this significant book clearly establishes the relationships between psychology and linguistics. It begins with a thorough examination of issues in developmental psychology, continues with questions on perception and cognition, studies the realm of psycholinguistics, and concludes with an exploration of theoretical linguistics.

    Contents: D.J. Napoli, J.A. Kegl, Introduction. E.W. Bushnell, The Decline of Visually Guided Reaching During Infancy. D.A. Rosenbaum, Programs for Movement Sequences. L.J. Rips, Similarity and the Structure of Categories. T.F. Shipley, Perception of a Unified World: The Role of Discontinuities. D.D. Hilke, Infant Vocalizations and Changes in Experience. G.S. Dell, P.M. Brown, Mechanisms for Listener-Adaptation in Language Production: Limiting the Role of the "Model of the Listener." M.B. Rawson, Linguistics and Dyslexia in Language Acquisition. R. Jackendoff, B. Landau, Spatial Language and Spatial Cognition. E.F. Shipley, Farewell to "Thee." T. Hun-tak Lee, Linearity as a Scope Principle for Chinese: The Evidence from First Language Acquisition. A.M. Reed, On Interpreting Partitives. G.R. Coulter, On the Relevance of Traditional Phonological Analysis to the Abstract Patterns Found in ASL and Other Signed Languages. J. Goldsmith, Phonology as an Intelligent System. R. May, Linguistic Theory and the Naturalist Approach to Semantics.

    "The quality and diversity of this Festschrift pay tribute to Lila Gleitman's influence on Swarthmore scholarship."

    "The distinguished group of authors of this volume, almost all Swarthmore graduates, would make any university proud of its undergraduate program....I found Rosenbaum's chapter on motor control (which is a topic I know little about and would normally try to avoid) to be well written and intriguing. I found myself wanting to know more."
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