1st Edition

Bridging Cognitive Science and Education: Learning, Memory and Metacognition A Special Issue of the European Journal of Cognitive Psychology

Edited By Lisa Son, Andre Vandierendonck Copyright 2008
    288 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    296 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The fields of cognitive science and education have worked hard to discover effective principles of learning with the goal of improving educational achievement. And although each has made significant advances, there has been, until today, a gap between the two disciplines. This special issue brings together researchers aiming to bridge laboratory data with real world learning practices, each providing recent and crucial information concerning the improvement of learning. The readings will allow both researchers and educators to understand strategies that would most benefit students by improving learning as well as the ability of learning to learn - or what has been defined as metacognition.

    L. Son, Editorial: A Metacognition Bridge. McDaniel, Anderson, Derbish, Morisette, Testing the Testing Effect in the Classroom. Butler, Roediger, Testing Improves Long-term Retention in a Simulated Classroom Setting. Kang, McDermott, Roediger, Test Format and Corrective Feedback Modify the Effect of Testing on Long-term Retention. Rawson, Dunlosky, Improving Students’ Self-evaluation of Learning for Key Concepts in Textbook Materials.  Carroll, Campbell-Ratcliffe, Murnane, Perfect, Retrieval-induced Forgetting in Educational Contexts: Monitoring, Expertise, Text Integration, and Test Format. Ballesteros, Reales, Garcia, The Effects of Selective Attention on Perceptual Priming and Explicit Recognition in Children with Attention Deficit and Normal Children. Meneghetti, De Beni, Cornoldi, Strategic Knowledge and Consistency in Students with Good and Poor Study Skills. Miesner, Maki, The Role of Test Anxiety on Absolute and Relative Metacomprehension Accuracy. De Bruin, Rikers, Schmidt, Improving Metacomprehension Accuracy and Self-regulation in Cognitive Skill Acquisition: The Effect of Learner Expertise. Kelemen, Winningham, Weaver, Repeated Testing Sessions and Scholastic Aptitude in College Students’ Metacognitive Accuracy. Higham, Arnold, How Many Questions Should I Answer? Using Bias Profiles to Estimate Optimal Bias and Maximum Score on Formula-scored Tests. Metcalfe, Kornell, Son, A Cognitive-science Based Program to Enhance Study Efficacy in a High and Low-risk Setting.


    Lisa Son is at Barnard College, New York.

    André Vandierendonck is at Ghent University, Belgium.