1st Edition

Brief Therapy Conversations Exploring Efficient Intervention in Psychotherapy

By Michael F. Hoyt, Flavio Cannistrà Copyright 2023
    194 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    194 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Brief Therapy Conversations features stimulating discussions between two international experts about essential topics, including the importance of the therapeutic relationship, the role of diagnosis, the therapist’s mindset, specific techniques and guiding logics, therapist development, and likely future trends. It explores a wide range of literature and ideas on brief therapy and single-session therapy. For those interested in time-sensitive treatment, several expanded journal articles are included that provide additional insights into ways to improve therapeutic efficiency.

    Reader friendly and conversational in format, this book is essential reading for professionals involved in brief therapy research, teaching, and practice.


    PART I: Dialogues  1. The Therapeutic Relationship in Brief Therapy  2. Diagnosis and Brief Therapy  3. Mindset in Brief Therapy  4. Techniques and Logics in Brief Therapy  5. A Brief History of Brief Therapy, Some Personal Influences, and Thoughts about the Future  Part II: Extending the Conversation - Scholarly Elaborations  6. Single-Session Therapy: A Healthful Approach to Effectively and Efficiently Solving Client Problems  7. The 9 Logics Beneath Brief Therapy Interventions: A Framework to Help Therapists Achieve Their Purpose  8. Common Errors in Single Session Therapy


    Michael F. Hoyt, Ph.D., is a psychologist based in Mill Valley, California. He was one of the originators (with Moshe Talmon and Robert Rosenbaum) of the Single Session Therapy approach and is the recipient of various professional honors. He is the author/editor of numerous publications, including Brief Therapy and Beyond; The Handbook of Constructive Therapies; Creative Therapy in Challenging Situations; and Single Session Thinking and Practice in Global, Cultural, and Familial Contexts.

    Flavio Cannistrà, Psy.D., is a psychologist based in Rome, Italy. He is the founder and co-director of the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy and of the ICNOS Institute, an international postgraduate training institute specializing in strategic and systemic brief psychotherapies. His publications include Single-Session Therapy: Principles and Practices (2021 in English, 2018 in Italian) and Terapia Breve Centrata Sulla Soluzione: Principi e Pratiche (Solution Focused Brief Therapy: Principles and Practices).   

    Brief therapy is best seen as a conversation. What better way, therefore, to unlock the mysteries of this way of working than through a series of conversations between a senior master and his most talented junior colleague. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Both parts of the book are full of wisdom. If you buy only one book this year, buy this one.

    Windy Dryden is emeritus professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies at Goldsmiths University, London, and author of Single-Session Therapy: Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

    The conversations between Michael and Flavio elicit so much that makes therapy efficient and effective as well as compassionate and authentic. This book can help you to be a better therapist, and maybe a better person.

    Jeff Young is director of The Bouverie Centre and professor of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, and author of No Bullshit Therapy: How to Engage People Who Don't Want to Work with You

    This book is unique and full of wonderful ideas and suggestions. The authors cover an amazing number of subjects and ways of doing therapy, all of which are thoroughly documented in the footnotes and references. Readers will enjoy meeting the authors and listening in on their conversations.

    Rubin Battino is author of Using Guided Imagery and Hypnosis in Brief Therapy and Palliative Care

    This is a must-read for therapists and clients who wish to help and be helped effectively by psychotherapy. Michael F. Hoyt (representing the experienced elder of the tribe) and Flavio Cannistrà (representing the young and the eager to learn) have a great affinity and mutual respect for one another. Their conversations over the course of several years are inspiring, knowledgeable and refreshingly clear and practical. They support the conversations with helpful guidelines and references to enrich greatly readers of all levels. 

    Moshe Talmon is author of Single-Session Therapy: Maximizing the Effect of the First (and Often Only) Therapeutic Encounter and Single Session Solutions: A Guide to Practical, Effective, and Affordable Therapy 

    These two international experts tackle topics that range from therapeutic methods and the importance of the therapeutic relationship to the role of diagnosis and the therapist’s mindset. They also discuss specific techniques and guiding logics, therapist development, and trends in psychotherapy, with the focus on brief and single-session therapy. Their dialogue is witty and engaging and the text is reader friendly. The result of their collaboration is edifying. Therapists of all disciplines will benefit from reading Brief Therapy Conversations. Doing so will enrich your practice.

     Jeffrey K. Zeig, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter (2022), 16 VOL. 42, NO. 3.

    "….the content is a wondrous store of riches of various kinds: information, stories, references, philosophical reflections and ideas for making therapy more effective. For anyone with the slightest interest in the briefer forms of therapy – indeed, in therapy generally – this is a great read. For family therapists who are fast losing even the second generation of our forebears, the more personal history held within will be of huge interest."

    Pam Rycroft, The Australia and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy (Summer 2023)

    "The authors have a great affinity and their colloquy is consistently bright and highly informative and practical (and supported with numerous footnotes). What comes across is how deeply human and creative both are. One feels privileged to be able to listen in on their conversations. […] Reader friendly and conversational in format, Brief Therapy Conversations is essential for professionals involved in brief therapy practice, research, and teaching. Folks still in their formative clinical years as well as seasoned practitioners -- and their clients -- are fortunate to have this guide to greater efficiency and effectiveness. If you only buy one book this year, buy this one."

    Phillip Ziegler, The Science of Psychotherapy (Summer 2023)

    "When two therapists from different generations and with lots of experiences and knowledge start meeting, traveling and discussing - something very interesting will come out of it. The authors mutual interest in Strategic Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Single Session Therapy made them begin talking and elaborating Brief Therapy ideas and perspectives. The authors generously share their ideas and invite the readers to their conversation…The authors are true advocates of Brief Therapy – keep it simple, focus small changes, be flexible and open minded, concentrate on efficient and effective therapy and most of all; the crucial importance of clients strengths and abilities. This is evident throughout the whole book and I can highly recommend it to everyone who has an interest in different Brief Therapy perspectives and ideas."

    Martin Söderquist, Psychologist, Family and Couple Therapist, Sweden

    "This book is an essential read for both beginners and experienced therapists seeking to enhance their understanding of brief therapy. The chapters are well-structured and thought-provoking, and the conversational style in Part 1 makes for an engaging and insightful read. Overall, this book is a valuable resource for any clinician interested in brief therapy and its practical applications."

    Keigo Asai, International Journal of Brief Therapy and Family Science, 2023