6th Edition

Briefs of Leading Cases in Corrections

    450 Pages
    by Routledge

    450 Pages
    by Routledge

    Briefs of Leading Cases in Corrections, Sixth Edition, offers extensive updates on the leading Supreme Court cases impacting corrections in the United States—prisons and jails, probation, parole, the death penalty, juvenile justice, and sexual assault offender laws. Each chapter contains an introduction to the topic area, making the book more user-friendly and a better source of succinct legal information than before. All cases are briefed in a common format to allow for comparisons among cases and include facts, relevant issues, and the Court’s decision and reasoning. The significance of each case is also explained, making clear its impact on prisoners and corrections in general. The book provides students and practitioners with historical and social context for their role in criminal justice and the legal guidelines that should be followed in day-to-day correctional activities. Twenty-one cases have been added, including those in a new section on the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act.

    Chapter 1: Prisons and Jails

    A. Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act

    B. Clemency and Commutation

    C. Conditions of Confinement–In General

    D. Conditions of Confinement–Double Celling

    E. Consent Decree–Modification

    F. Court Access

    G. Counsel

    H. Damages and Defenses

    I. Disciplinary Hearings

    J. Discrimination Based on Money

    K. Discrimination Based on Race

    L. Due Process M. Force–Use of Deadly Force in Correctional Facilities

    N. Force–Use of Nondeadly Force in Correctional Facilities

    O. Habeas Corpus

    P. Prison Litigation Reform Act

    Q. Mail and the First Amendment

    R. Medical Care and Psychological Treatment

    S. Freedom of the Press

    T. Protection of Inmates from Injury

    U. Religion

    V. Searches and Seizures

    W. Administrative Segregation

    X. Punitive Segregation

    Y. Self-Incrimination

    Z. Transfer

    AA. Union Membership and Activities

    BB. Visitation

    Chapter 2: Probation

    Chapter 3: Parole

    Chapter 4: Death Penalty

    A. History and Foundation Cases

    B. Discrimination—Racial

    C. Mentally Impaired Defendants

    D. Juveniles

    E. Juries and Jurors

    F. Counsel

    G. Due Process

    H. Aggravating and Mitigating Circumstances

    I. Appeals and Habeas Corpus

    J. Cruel and Unusual Punishment

    K. Other Issues

    Chapter 5: Juvenile Justice

    Chapter 6: Sexual Assault Offender Laws



    Rolando V. del Carmen retired in 2011 as Distinguished Professor of Criminal Justice (Law) in the College of Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University. He has authored numerous books and articles in various areas of law related to criminal justice. He has won all three major awards given by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, and has taught numerous graduate and undergraduate classes in law and has been a mentor and friend to many of his students.

    Susan E. Ritter is Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Texas, Brownsville. She specializes in correctional law as well as other corrections and criminal justice issues, many relating to female offending. She holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University, an M.A. in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas, Arlington, and a B.S. in Government/Sociology from Texas Woman’s University.

    Betsy A. Witt is Professor of Criminal Justice at Limestone College. She has been in education for more than 20 years, teaching at various universities. She has co-authored four texts relating to correctional law, juvenile law, jails, and probation, and is a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Juvenile and Corrections Sections. She holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice, an M.A. in Criminology, and B.S. in Criminology and Corrections from Sam Houston State University.