1st Edition

Bringing Innovative Practices to Your School Lessons from International Schools

Edited By Jayson W. Richardson Copyright 2020
    238 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    238 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    238 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    Exploring issues of student agency, equity, assessment, teaching, management, teacher leadership, and use of technology, this book provides strategies, tips, and guidance for enacting innovative change in today‘s schools. Drawing from unique and creative approaches at international schools, real practitioners share their stories and best-practices. Chapters contain engaging snapshots of the innovative practices currently happening in international schools, translate those practices into leadership actions, and show how those innovations are played out in localized contexts. This exciting book is for every school and district leader keen to think outside the box, reassess their schools’ strengths, and improve the purposes and means by which they educate students.


    Introduction: Innovative Leadership Practices in International Schools

    Jayson W. Richardson

    Section I: Student Agency

    Introduction to Section 1: Student Agency

    Jayson W. Richardson

    Chapter 1: iBlock @ UNIS Hanoi: Turning Potential into Performance

    Glenda Baker

    Chapter 2: Vignette: Classrooms without Teachers

    Shwetangna Chakrabarty & Natasha Haque

    Chapter 3: Vignette: Innovate, Play, Transform: Design Thinking in the Early Years

    Kristen L. MacConnell

    Chapter 4: Vignette: Developing Creativity in Schools

    Sara Ssengendo

    Section II: Equity

    Introduction to Section II: Equity

    Jayson W. Richardson

    Chapter 5: A Journey to Inclusion

    Ryan Elissa Hopkins-Wilcox and Deborah Bradshaw

    Chapter 6: In Pursuit of International Mindedness

    Natasha Haque

    Chapter 7: Women in Science: Community Collaboration for Real-World Inquiry

    Stephanie Budd and Caleb Steindam

    Section III: Curriculum, Teaching, and Student Learning

    Introduction to Section III: Curriculum, Teaching, and Student Learning

    Jayson W. Richardson

    Chapter 8: Skill-Based Exams: Assessment Promoting the Transfer of Learning Beyond the Classroom

    Jim Gerhard and Gray Macklin

    Chapter 9: Creating Curriculum Structures that Foster Innovation

    Elizabeth Rossini

    Chapter 10: Vignette: Personal Learning Profiles: Learning for the Unique, Not the Average

    Daniel Todd

    Section IV: Management of Schools

    Introduction to Section IV: Management of Schools

    Jayson W. Richardson

    Chapter 11: Instructional Coaches: An Investment in Innovation

    Kimberly Ann Cofino

    Chapter 12: Bringing Innovative Practices to Traditional Contexts: Navigating the Challenges of Change

    Jennifer D. Klein

    Chapter 13: The Future of Learning at the Western Academy of Beijing: A Work in Progress

    John D’Arcy

    Chapter 14: A Reimagined Doctoral Program

    Matt Militello and Lynda Tredway

    Section V: Teacher Leadership

    Introduction to Section V: Teacher Leadership

    Jayson W. Richardson

    Chapter 15: Cultivating Teacher Leadership

    Kristen L. MacConnell

    Chapter 16: Vignette: Distributed Leadership Through Reciprocal Advisory Structures

    Joelle Basnight

    Chapter 17: Creating a Culture of Learning

    Ryan Elissa Hopkins-Wilcox

    Chapter 18: Vignette: Visiting Scholars: Bringing Innovation to You!

    Kimberly Ann Cofino

    Chapter 19: A Reimagined Doctoral Program in Action: Confronting Equity Challenges in International Schools

    Matthew Militello, Lynda Tredway, Tosca Killoran, Christie Powell, and Kristin Halligan

    Section VI: Technology and School Leadership

    Introduction to Section VI: Technology and School Leadership

    Jayson W. Richardson

    Chapter 20: Innovative Learning Spaces: Design Thinking in Pedagogy

    Shwetangna Chakrabarty

    Chapter 21: Technology in Today's Schools

    Todd Von Seggern

    Chapter 22: Hit the Ground Running: Leveraging Distance Education for Teacher Induction

    Jeff Dungan


    Jayson W. Richardson is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership Studies at the University of Kentucky, and is a Director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE).

    "What makes this book relevant and readable is that it goes beyond theory. We read about a school leader’s initiatives from the conception of the idea to its realization – the planning, the rollout, the challenges, the successes, and the results."
    -Jane Swisher, MiddleWeb