1st Edition

Bringing User Experience to Healthcare Improvement The Concepts, Methods and Practices of Experience-Based Design

By Paul Bate, Glenn Robert Copyright 2007

    This work includes a foreword by lynne Maher. Head of Innovation Practice, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, University Of Warwick, Coventry. "Experience Based Design" (EBD) is a new way of bringing about improvements in healthcare services by being user-focussed. Facilities, healthcare professionals, carers, family and friends are all involved in the patient experience and systems and policies need to adapt to take this into consideration. By exploring the underlying concepts, methods and practices of EBD, this exciting guide offers a unique approach to healthcare customer satisfaction. It offers recommendations for the future and many interesting points for discussion. It will be of great interest to health and social care management, particularly directors of service improvement in hospitals and directors of nursing, health and social care policy makers and shapers, and quality improvement and organisational development specialists in healthcare. Patient groups and national organisations, too will find the book inspirational. 'Experience based design-you cannot do without it. Read this book and it will change the way you think about providing health services for ever.' - Lynne Maher.

    Bringing the user experience to health care. Concepts: A quiet revolution in design. So what's different? The intellectual roots of experience design. Methods: Becoming a disciple of experience. Using stories and storytelling to reveal the users'-eye view of the landscape. Patterns-based design: the concept of 'design principles'. Experience-based design: tools for diagnosis and intervention. Practices: The 'how of experience-based design: a case study for practitioners. Evaluating patient experience and experience-based design (and a brief word about patient satisfaction surveys ...). Future directions for experience-based design and user-centred improvement and innovation.


    Paul Bate, Glenn Robert