1st Edition

Britain At Work As Depicted by the 1998 Workplace Employee Relations Survey

By Mark Cully, Andrew Oreilly, Gill Dix Copyright 1999

    Britain at Work presents a detailed analysis of the 1998 Workplace Employee Relations Survey, the largest survey of its kind ever conducted.

    1. Introduction 2. A Profile of Workplaces in Britain 3. Workforce Composition and Employer's Labour Use 4. The Management of Employees 5. Employee Representation 6. Measures of Workplace Performance and Well-being 7. Employees at Work: Attributes and Aspects of Working Life 8. Employee Attitudes to Work 9. The Role and activities of worker representatives 10. Changes in Employment Relations, 1980-1998 11. Small Business Employment Relations 12. The Climate of Employment Relations: A Three-way Analysis 13. Conclusions: Overview and Assessment