1st Edition

Britain, Japan and Pearl Harbour Avoiding War in East Asia, 1936-1941

By Antony Best Copyright 1995
    276 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    Recent controversies about Pearl Harbour have highlighted the need for a new assessment of British policy towards Japan during the period leading up to the Pacific War. Britain, Japan and Pearl Harbour provides a thorough and authoritative account of British efforts to avert conflict with Japan, and makes use of the most recently released material from British archives, including information from intelligence sources.
    This is the most comprehensive study so far of British policy towards East Asia in this period. It illustrates the extent of British weakness in the region and the degree to which the constant need to appease American opinion hamstrung Britain's ability to achieve an understanding with Japan.

    Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Halting a policy of drift; Chapter 3 New circumstances, new problems; Chapter 4 Growing tensions; Chapter 5 A false dawn; Chapter 6 The Burma Road crisis; Chapter 7 Confrontation; Chapter 8 Conflict; Chapter 9 Conclusions;


    Antony Best

    'Anthony Best's book will be essential reading for anyone concerned with power and diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region in the twentieth century.' - American Historical Review