1st Edition

Britain and Ireland From Home Rule to Independence

By Jeremy Smith Copyright 1999
    174 Pages
    by Routledge

    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    Jeremy Smith explores relations between Britain and Ireland during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century with a story that still raises deep passions and bitter disagreements both among historians and within wider public opinion. This examination attempts to chart a more dispassionate course between the various contending positions and has enormous relevance to the unfolding events in both Northern Ireland and Britain as the united Kingdom moves towards a federal constitutional structure. Books in this Seminar Studies in History series bridge the gap between textbook and specialist survey and consists of a brief "Introduction" and/or "Background" to the subject, valuable in bringing the reader up-to-speed on the area being examined, followed by a substantial and authoritative section of "Analysis" focusing on the main themes and issues. There is a succinct "Assessment" of the subject, a generous selection of "Documents" and a detailed bibliography. Incorporates a large amount of research on Irish history during the last two decades and gives particular focus to the dramatic events between the Easter rising of 1916 and the intense negotiations surrounding the Treaty in the autumn of 1921. For those interested in the history between Ireland and Britain.

    Part 1 The Background; Chapter 1 Irish History and the Historians; Chapter 2 Ireland’s Past, 1800–69; Part 2 Analysis; Chapter 3 Gladstone, Parnell and Home Rule, 1869–90; Chapter 4 New Directions, 1890–1909; Chapter 5 Crisis in the Union, 1910–16; Chapter 6 Revolution, 1916–21part3 Assessmentpart4 Documents;


    Jeremy Smith