1st Edition

Britain and Japan Biographical Portraits, Vol. III

By J E Hoare, J. E. Hoare Copyright 1999
    416 Pages
    by Routledge

    The success of the first two volumes in this series has prompted this third volume of 25 further protraits of key personalities, including Natsume Soseki, Thomas Blackiston, Ivan Morris, Admiral Saito and Ozaki Yukio.

    Preface, Editor’s Introduction 2 Captain Broughton, HM S Providence (and 1her tender) and Japan 1794-98; I tō Hirobum i in Britain 3 James Summers, 1828-91: Early Sinologist and Pioneer of Japanese Newspapers in London and English Literature in Japan 4 Fukuzawa Yukichi (1835-1901): The Finances of a Japanese Modernizer 5 Thom as W right Blakiston (1832-91) 6 Frederick Victor Dickins (1838-1915) 7 Kawanabe Kyosai (1832-89), the Painter, and the British 8 James Alfred Ewing and His Circle of Pioneering Physicists in Meiji Japan 9 Captain Francis Brinkley (1841-1912): Yatoi, Scholar and Apologist 10 The Archdeacon and the Bishop: Alexander Croft Shaw, Edward Bickersteth, and Meiji Japan 11 Henry Dyer at the Imperial College of Engineering Tokyo, and afterwards in Glasgow 12 Aoki Shūzō (1844-1914) 13 The Douglas Mission (1873-79) and Meiji Naval Education 14 British Naval and Military Observers of the Russo-Japanese War 15 Natsume Sōseki and the Pre-Raphaelites 16 The depiction of Ophelia in Sōseki’s The Three-Cornered World 17 A Great Ordinary Man: Saitō Makato (1858-1936) and Anglo-Japanese Relations 18 Albert James Penniall: Pioneer o f the Japanese Motor Vehicle Industry 19 Hisaakira Kano (1886-1963): International Banker from a Daimyo Family 20 ‘That Loyal British Subject’?: Arthur Edwardes and Anglo-Japanese Relations, 1932-41 21 Takayuki Eguchi 21 John Morris, George Orwell, the BBC and Wartime Japan 22 Sir John Figgess KBE, C M G (1909-97) 23 Kazuko Aso DBE (hon) (1915-96) 24 Sir John Pilcher G C M G (1912-90) 25 Ariyoshi Yoshiya KBE (Hon) (1901-82) 26 Ninagawa Yukio (b. 1935) 27 Britain’s Contribution to the Development of Rugby Football in Japan, 1874-1998


    J.E. Hoare