1st Edition

Britain in Europe An Introduction to Sociology

Edited By Tony Spybey Copyright 1997
    504 Pages
    by Routledge

    502 Pages
    by Routledge

    This is the first introductory sociology text to look at Britain in terms of its geographical position within Europe and its political and economic situation as a member of the European Union.

    Introduction: Tony Spybey; PART ONE: THE MAKING OF MODERN EUROPE: 1. Industrialisation; 2. Urbanization and urban Europe: The transition to urban lifestyles and contemporary urban problems; 3. The state as a European creation; 4. Reason and modernity; PART TWO: THE MAKING OF THE MODERN EUROPEAN: 5. Social stratification; 6. Women, paid employment and opportunity; 7. Racism, immigration and migrant labour; 8. Winners and losers: young people in Europe; 9. Old Age in Europe; PART THREE:SOCIAL PROCESSES AND CONTEMPORARY ISSUES: 10. Families in Europe; 11. Education in Europe; 12. Religion in Europe; 13. Work, employment and unemployment; 14. European culture and ideology in mass communication; PART FOUR: THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE STATE IN CONTEMPORARY EUROPE: 15. Political participation in Europe: theme and variation; 16. Implementing social welfare policy in Europe: The significance of social work, social pedagogy and community work; 17. Poverty and social security; 18. Health, healthcare and health inequalities; 19. Crime and penal policy in Europe; PART FIVE: LOOKING FORWARD: CHALLENGES FACING EUROPE: 20. Urban change and urban problems; 21. Peripheral nationalism in the European Union; 22. Europe's changing role in the globalization process


    Tony Spybey