428 Pages 91 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    428 Pages 91 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Now in its second edition, Britain since 1688 is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to British History from 1688 to the present day that assumes no prior knowledge of the subject.

    Chronological in structure yet thematic in approach, the book guides the reader through major events in British history from the Glorious Revolution of 1688, offering extensive coverage of the British Empire and continuing through to recent events such as Britain’s exit from the European Union. Fully revised and updated using the most recent historical scholarship, this edition includes discussion of the Brexit referendum and Britain’s subsequent exit from the European Union, along with increased coverage of Britain’s imperial past and its legacy in the present. New sidebars on themes such as race, immigration, religion, sexuality, the presence of empire and the experience of warfare are carried across chapters to offer students current and relevant interpretations of British history.

    Written by a team of expert North American university professors and supported by textboxes, timelines, bibliographies, glossaries and a fully integrated companion website, this textbook provides students with a strong grounding in the rich tapestry of events, characters and themes that encompass the history of Britain since 1688.

    1. The Making of a Modern State

    2. The Whig World

    3. The British Empire in the Eighteenth Century

    4. A United Kingdom? 1760-1820

    5. The Early Victorian Era: Global Power and its Challenges

    6. The Mid-Victorians and Their World

    7. Britain and Empire, 1870-1910

    8. Late Victorian and Edwardian Britain: Social and Political Change

    9. The First World War

    10. The Interwar Years

    11. The Second World War

    12. "Let Us Face the Future": The Postwar Era

    13. The Postwar Empire

    14. 1979-1997: Thatcherism and its Discontents

    15. New Labour to Brexit

    16. Conclusion: Crisis and an Uncertain Future


    Stephanie Barczewski is Professor of History at Clemson University, USA.

    John Eglin is Professor of History at University of Montana, USA.

    Stephen Heathorn is Professor of History at McMaster University, Canada.

    Michael Silvestri is Professor of History at Clemson University, USA.

    Michelle Tusan is Professor of History at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA.

    "An effective four-nation focus is provided in a narrative that North American students will find particularly engaging. Britain since 1688: A Nation in the World is a balanced, historiographically astute, and compelling account."

    Timothy Jenks, East Carolina University

    "This engaging and accessible new edition uses recent developments in Britain and the world -- Brexit, Black Lives Matter, the Queen's death -- to reframe and reconsider the more traditional moments, events, and themes that have defined Britain's modern history. I appreciate the humility of the authors, who make clear from the outset that theirs is an interpretation, open to debate and revision. I look forward to assigning this edition to my undergraduates."

    Arianne Chernock, Associate Dean of the Faculty for the Social Sciences, Boston University

    "The updates to the 2nd edition strengthen the text, increasing the coverage of empire and Britain’s relationship with Europe and the wider world. The extension of coverage to 2020 is vital in bringing in discussions around democracy and the current state of the UK. Overall, this text does well in its goal of introducing North American students to Britain’s global role."

    Kyle Thompson, Associate Professor of History​, Pittsburg State University