1st Edition

British Dogmatism and French Pragmatism Central-Local Policymaking in the Welfare State

By Douglas E. Ashford Copyright 1982

    First published in 1982, British Dogmatism and French Pragmatism presents an inquiry into how national political and administrative constraints affect the formulation and implementation of local government reform. This comparative study between British and French local politics and policymaking discusses themes like local reorganization in the welfare state; two paths from monarchy to democracy; decisions and non-decisions; can national politics make local policy; fiscal policy and local spending; capital spending and land use; and central-local politics in the welfare state. The author argues that the influence of local government systems cannot be assessed apart from the national political and administrative structures in which they are embedded. This book is a must read for scholars and researchers of political science, public administration and policy making.

    Preface 1. Strategies of Change: Local Reorganization in the Welfare State 2. Breaking Ground: Two Paths from Monarchy to Democracy 3. Decisions and Non-Decisions: Policy in the 1960s 4. The Political Connection: Can National Politics make Local Policy? 5. The Administrative Connection: How Administrators Make Policy 6. Fiscal Policy and Local Spending: The Double Squeeze 7. Controlling the Future: Capital Spending and Land Use 8. Conclusion: Central-Local Politics in the Welfare State: Indulgence or Necessity? Appendix Index


    Douglas E. Ashford