1st Edition

British Elections & Parties Review

Edited By Philip Cowley, David Denver, Andrew Russell Copyright 2001
    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    Volume 10 contains articles covering party membership, voting behaviour and elections, parliamentary voting, candidate selection, and campaigning on the internet, as well as examining US opinion on impeachment. The comprehensive reference section provides researchers with an authoritative source of data on public opinion polls. elections results, political parties, as well as a chronology of the major political events of 1999.

    Public opinion and the impeachment of Bill Clinton, Gary C.Jacobson; were traditional labour voters disillusioned with New Labour? Abstention at the 1997 general election, Anthony Heath; the neighbourhood effect and voting in England and Wales: real or imagined?, Ron Johnston, Charles Pattie, Danny Dorling, Iain MacAllister, Helena Tunstall, David Rossiter; party preference structure in England, 1987-97, Stephen D.Fisher; identifying an attitudinal heartland of Liberal Democrat support in the 1997 general election, Andrew Russell, Ed Fieldhouse; Mr Blair's loyal opposition? The Liberal Democrats in parliament, Philip Cowley, Darren Darcy, Colin Mellors, Jon Neal, Mark Stuart; constitutional nationalism and socialism in Northern Ireland: the greening of the Social Democratic and Labour Party, Jocelyn A.J.Evans, Jonathan Tonge, Gerard Murray; small kingdoms and crumbling organizations, Justin Fisher; candidate selection, devolution and modernization, Jonathan Bradbury, James Mitchell, Lyn Bennie, David Denver; an outsider's medium? The European elections and UK party competition on the Internet, Rachel Gibson, Steven Ward; and now for the Commons? Lessons from Britain's first experience with proportional representation, John Curtice, Michael Steed; proportionality and disproportionality in English County government, 1973-97, Colin Rallings, Michael Thrasher, Christine Gunter


    Philip Cowley, David Denver, Andrew Russell

    'This volume presents original research ranging over many diverse subjects.' - Parliamentary Affairs