1st Edition

British Policy and the Refugees, 1933-1941

By Yvonne Kapp, Margaret Mynatt Copyright 1978
    186 Pages
    by Routledge

    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    In the summer of 1940, with much of Europe under German domination, British authorities instigated a harsh programme of internment or deportation of those who had fled Nazi oppression. This volume, written the same year, is a critique of government policies of the day.

    British Policy and the Refugees makes an important contribution to a little known page of wartime history. Mary Johnstone, New Times June 1998

    Jewish Book World

    "An important addition to the literature on refugees."

    Labour Research, Nov 97

    "It provides a uniquely close-up view of what took place, but was, through the ensuing years, rejected by one publisher after another. Now at last it has appeared. Better late than never."

    "A contemporary, inside and expert analysis of the treatment of and attitude to "political" and "racial" refugees in Britiain at the start of the war. It makes a valuable contribution both to the history of refugee policy at the time, as well as to an understanding of the overall development (or lack of development) of British attitudes over time to refugees, foreigners and Jews. These pages, written more than fifty years ago, bear witness to how little policy and rhetoric have changed in the intervening time, in a way no modern writer could hope to.


    Yvonne Kapp