1st Edition

British Policy in Changing Africa

By Andrew Cohen Copyright 1959

    Originally published in 1959 by a former Governor of Uganda and Head of the Africa Division of the former Colonial Office, this book is a concise exposition of British aims and methods in colonial Africa and the extent of British influence, and the way the region was administered before the war with insufficient staff and money. The problems around the transfer of power in countries such as Ghana and Kenya are also discussed, along with the problems of government from Whitehall and local government.

    Part 1. Africa and the West: Encounter and Period of Building 1. The Encounter 2. The Period of Building Part 2. The Nation and the Tribe 1. The New Policy and Its Causes 2. The Course of Constitutional Advance 3. Nationalism and Tribal Loyalty 4. The Nationalist Part 3: The Tasks of Government 1. The British Officer in the Field 2. The Governor and the Central Government 3. The Governor and the Colonial Office Part 4: Africa and the West: Needs of The Future 1. An African Economy 2. Deficiencies in the African Economy 3. The Needs of the Future.


    Andrew Cohen was a former Governor of Uganda from 1952-1957.

    Reviews of the original edition of British Policy in Changing Africa:

    ‘Throughout the book the reader is conscious that behind every sentence lies prolonged consecutive thought…it results in writing so informed, so clear and often so wise…’ Times Literary Supplement

    ‘Sir Andrew Cohen’s penetrating analysis of the nationalist is worth reading, especially in plural societies such as those of Kenya and Central Africa…’ Michael Blundell, Sunday Times.