1st Edition

British Politics and the Environment in the Long Nineteenth Century Volume II - Regulating Nature and Conquering Nature

Edited By Peter Hough Copyright 2024

    This collection of archival source material chronicles British environmental politics between 1789 and 1914. This text examines the ways in which environmental issues were managed artistically and socially, as well as politically. Accompanied by extensive editorial commentary, this collection will be of great interest to students of environmental and political history.

    Volume 2


    Notes on Copy-Texts

    General Introduction

    Part 1: Regulating Nature: The Environment and Policy in Nineteenth-Century Britain

    Chronology of the Environment and Policy in Nineteenth-Century Britain

    Volume II Part 1 Introduction

    1.1 Public Health

    1. Charles Knight, The Staffordshire Collieries

    2. Edwin Chadwick, Report on Sanitary Conditions

    3. Alexis De Toqueville, Journeys to England and Ireland

    4. Friedrich Engels, Condition of the Working Class in England

    5. Charles Dickens, The Uncommercial Traveller

    6. Fisheries Preservation Association, On the Pollution of the Rivers of the Kingdom

    7. Lord Walsingham, Alkali Act Amendment Bill

    8. David John Russell Duncan, On Smoke Abatement

    1.2 Animal Cruelty

    9. John Oswald, The Cry of Nature. Or, an Appeal to Mercy and Justice on Behalf of the Persecuted Animals

    10. Thomas Erskine, Baron, Cruelty to Animals

    11. Richard Martin, Bear Bating and Other Cruel Sports

    12. John Stuart Mill, Principles of Political Economy (Volume 2)

    13. Joseph Pease, Cruelty to Animals Act

    14. Lewis Gompertz, Fragments in Defence of Animals, and Essays on Morals, Soul, and Future State

    15. John Percival, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Bill

    16. Frances Power Cobbe, The Moral Aspects of Vivesection

    17. Reverend Richard Wilson, 'A Plea for the Sea Birds'

    18. William Warde Fowler A Year With the Birds

    19. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Bird News

    20. John Lubbock (1st Baron Avebury), Importation of Plumage Prohibition Bill

    1.3 The Commons

    21. Alexander MacKenzie, The History of the Highland Clearances

    22. Samuel Smiles, Mr Rennie’s Drainage of the Lincoln and Cambridge Fens

    23. George Shaw Lefevre, English Commons and Forests. The Story of the Battle During the Last Thirty Years for Public Rights Over the Commons and Forests of England and Wales

    24. James Bryce, Access to Mountains

    25. Robert Hunter, Commons


    Part 2: Conquering Nature: The Environment in British Imperialism and Foreign Policy in the Nineteenth Century

    Chronology of the Environment in British Imperialism and Foreign Policy in the Nineteenth Century

    Volume II Part 2 Introduction

    2.1 Imperial Sustainability

    26. Philip Viberi, A Few hints on Foreign and Home Colonization

    27. Harold J. MacKinder, On the Scope and Methods of Geography

    28. Charles Edward Trevelyan, The Irish Crisis

    29. Viceroy Lord Lytton, 'The Famine Campaign in Southern India, Madras and Bombay Presidencies and Province of Mysore'

    30. James Atkinson, An Account of the State of Agriculture and Grazing in New South Wales: Including Observations on the Soils and General Appearance of the Country

    31. William Patrick Andrew, The Scinde Railway and its Relations to the Euphrates Valley and Other Routes to India

    32. Michael Hicks-Beach, Further Despatches from the Secretary of State to the Governor of New Zealand. Presented to Both Houses of the General Assembly by Command of His Excellency

    33. Lord Curzon, Speech to the Burma Game Preservation Association, Rangoon

    34. William Scoresby, An Account of the Arctic Regions

    35. Central Government Act: The Oriental Gas Company

    2.2 Military Ecocide

    36. Lord Viscount Wellington, Marshall General, Proclamation to the People of Portugal

    37. John Davy, An Account of the Interior of Ceylon and of its Inhabitants with Travels in that Island

    38. Francis Foster, Letter to Parents

    39. Colonel Whitmore, Letter to the Hon. Colonel Haultain

    40. Francis Stirling, Despatches Received by the Admiralty Regarding the Murder in Malay of James Birch

    41. Emily Hobhouse, The Brunt of the War and Where it Fell

    42. William Wallace, Annual Report of the Colonies: Northern Nigeria

    2.3 The Birth of Global Environmental Policy

    43. George Cornewall Lewis, Memorandum Respecting Quarantine Regulations in the Mediterranean

    44. Convention for Regulating the Police of the North Sea Fisheries 

    45. Treaty Concerning the Jan Mayen Seal Fishery

    46. Award Between the United States and the United Kingdom Relating to the Rights of Jurisdiction of United States in the Bering's Sea and the Preservation of Fur Seals

    47. Convention Between the United States, Great Britain, Russia and Japan for the Preservation and Protection of Fur Seals

    48. Convention Designed To Ensure The Conservation Of Various Species Of Wild Animals In Africa, Which Are Useful To Man Or Inoffensive

    49. Society for the Preservation of the Wild Fauna of the Empire

    50. Convention (II) with Respect to the Laws and Customs of War on Land and Its Annex: Regulations Concerning the Laws and Customs of War on Land




    Peter Hough is an Associate Professor in International Politics at Middlesex University, London. He is the author of Back to the future: environmental security in nineteenth century global politics (2019).