1st Edition

British Satire, 1785-1840, Volume 3

By John Strachan, Steven E Jones Copyright 2004

    This set offers a representitive collection of the verse satire of the Romantic period, published between the mid-1780s and the mid-1830s. As well as two single-author volumes, from William Gifford and Thomas Moore, there is also a wealth of rare, unedited material.

    List of short titles -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction by Benjamin Colbert -- John Wolcot (‘Peter Pindar, Esq.’) -- ‘The Lousiad, an Heroi-Comic Poem’ (1794–96) -- Nathaniel Thomas Haynes Bayly (‘Q. in the Corner’) -- ‘Epistles from Bath; or Q.’s Letters to His Yorkshire Relations’ (1817) -- William Hone and George -- ‘The Queen’s Matrimonial Ladder, A National Toy, with Fourteen Step Scenes; and Illustrations in Verse, with Eighteen Other Cuts’ (1820) -- ‘James Harley’ -- ‘The Press, or Literary Chit-Chat. A Satire’ (1822) -- Anon. -- ‘The Illiberal! Verse and Prose from the North!!’ (1822) -- Explanatory Notes.