1st Edition

British Socialist Fiction, 1884–1914, Volume 1

By Deborah Mutch Copyright 2014
    398 Pages
    by Routledge

    Socialism in late Victorian and Edwardian Britain was a highly literate movement. Every socialist group produced some form of written text through which their particular brand of politics could be promoted. This edition collects serialized fiction and short stories that have not been published since their original appearance.

    Volume 1 1884–1891 General Introduction Glossary of Dialect Terms Introduction Bolton Trotter C. Allen Clarke, ‘What a Christmas Carol Wrought’ (1891) Teddy Ashton, ‘Heaw Bill Spriggs Leet New Yer In’ (1891) Commonweal H. S. S., ‘A Dream of Queer Fishes (A Modern Prose Idyll)’ (1887) D., ‘Scaring the Capitalists’ (1888) Thomas Barclay, ‘Master and Man in Heaven’ (1891) Thomas Maubourg, ‘A Mournful Fate’ (1891) Justice William Morris, ‘An Old Fable Retold’ (1884) ‘Utile Dulci’, ‘Fables for the Times – I: The Monkeys and the Nuts’ (1884) Anon., ‘Fables for the Times – II: The Political Economist and the Flowers’ (1884) Anon., ‘Archie Cameron’s Success’ (1885) D. F. Hannigan, ‘Aristos and Demos’ (1887) H. J. Bramsbury, ‘A Working Class Tragedy’ (1888–9) Labour Elector Anon., ‘A New “Labour” Paper’ (1890) To-Day Ivan Tourgenef , ‘Only a Dog’ (1883) ‘Bauer und Dichter’, ‘Eros or Erin. A Tale of an Irish Conspiracy’ (1886–7) Fabian Bland, ‘Blood’ (1886) R. G. B., ‘Birds of a Feather’ (1886) John Broadhouse, ‘How He Lost his “Strad”’ (1886) A. Gilbert Katte, ‘The Whip Hand. A Political Story – in Three Parts’ (1888) John Law, ‘The Gospel of Getting On. (To Olive Schreiner.)’ (1888); H. Bellingham, ‘Chips’ (1888); Editorial Notes; Silent Corrections


    Deborah Mutch