1st Edition

British Socialist Fiction, 1884–1914, Volume 2

By Deborah Mutch Copyright 2014
    410 Pages
    by Routledge

    Socialism in late Victorian and Edwardian Britain was a highly literate movement. Every socialist group produced some form of written text through which their particular brand of politics could be promoted. This edition collects serialized fiction and short stories that have not been published since their original appearance.

    Volume 2 1892–1900: Introduction: Clarion, Quinbus Flestrin, ‘A Tale of a Turnip’ (1891) Ed. Carpenter, ‘Saved by a Nose’ (1892) M’Ginnis, ‘Posterity’ (1893) ‘Citizen’, ‘Little Maggie’s Boots’ (1894) J. Bruce Glasier, ‘Telby Torbald: or, A Socialist Transformed’ (1895) Margaret McMillan, ‘Mary’s Lover’ (1896) Louis Becke, ‘A Touch of the Tar Brush’ (1897) Harry Lowerison, ‘Auld Randy’ (1899) Justice: ‘Devilshoof ’, ‘One New Year’s Eve’ (1893) ‘Devilshoof ’, ‘On the River’ (1894) C. H. V., ‘One Among Many’ (1895) Dan Baxter, ‘T e New Shilling’ (1895) Dan Baxter, ‘A Monkey Story’ (1896) C. S. J., ‘A Fairy Tale for Tired Socialists’ (1898) Labour Elector: John Law, ‘Connie’ (1893–4) Labour Leader A. Chee, ‘T e Bank-Manager’s Girl’ (1894) Isabella Fyvie Mayo, ‘A Bit of Tragedy’ (1895) Caroline E. Derecourt Martyn, ‘A Mystery’ (1896) Lilian Claxton, ‘Nigel Grey (A Serial Story of Love and Effort)’ (1896–7) Ella Jeffries, ‘A Shop Girl’ (1898) Colonel Bradbury, ‘Guilty – But Drunk’ (1899) Labour Prophet Elihu, ‘Nobody’s Business’ (1892) Social Democrat Anon., ‘Rent of Ability’ (1898) Anon., ‘A Life for a Life’ (1900) Teddy Ashton’s Journal/Northern Weekly and Teddy Ashton’s Journal Ben Adhem, ‘Blood on the Cheap Trip’ (1896) Teddy Ashton, ‘Bill Spriggs an Patsy Filligan o’er Winter Hill. Likewise Bet’ (1896) James Haslam, ‘Murdered by Money’ (1897) Teddy Ashton, ‘Greensauce Sketches. Georgie’s Fust Day in t’ Factory’ (1897) Teddy Ashton, ‘T’ Kock-Krow Club an’ th’ War. Darin Decision to Form a Kock-Krow Volunteer Corps to Batter th’ Boers’ (1899) 251Fred Plant, ‘T e Absent-Minded Beggar’ (1900) Workman’s Times Anon., ‘Sunshine and Shadow’ (1892) ‘Citizen’, ‘T e Blackleg’ (1893) Martin Fair, ‘Nan: A New Year’s Eve Story’ (1893) Dan Baxter, ‘A Terrible Crime’ (1893) Editorial Notes Silent Corrections


    Deborah Mutch