1st Edition

British Sources of Information A Subject Guide and Bibliography

By P. Jackson Copyright 1988
    548 Pages
    by Routledge

    This comprehensive and versatile reference source will be a most important tool for anyone wishing to seek out information on virtually any aspect of British affairs, life and culture. The resources of a detailed bibliography, directory and journals listing are combined in this single volume, forming a unique guide to a multitude of diverse topics - British politics, government, society, literature, thought, arts, economics, history and geography. Academic subjects as taught in British colleges and universities are covered, with extensive reading lists of books and journals and sources of information for each discipline, making this an invaluable manual.

    Part I Select Bibliography; I_ Chapter 1 General Reference; I_ Chapter 2 Buildings and Architecture; I_ Chapter 3 Cities; I_ Chapter 4 Commonwealth and Empire; I_ Chapter 5 Customs, Traditions and Folklore; I_ Chapter 6 Economics and Finance; I_ Chapter 7 Education; I_ Chapter 8 English Language; I_ Chapter 9 Europe and Britain; I_ Chapter 10 Foreign Policy; I_ Chapter 11 Geography; I_ Chapter 12 Government and Administration; I_ Chapter 13 History; I_ Chapter 14 Industry and Commerce; I_ Chapter 15 Law; I_ Chapter 16 Literature; I_ Chapter 17 Media; I_ Chapter 18 Military; I_ Chapter 19 Minorities; I_ Chapter 20 Monarchy; I_ Chapter 21 Music; I_ Chapter 22 Northern Ireland; I_ Chapter 23 Painting and Sculpture; I_ Chapter 24 Parliament; I_ Chapter 25 Political Part ies; I_ Chapter 26 Politics; I_ Chapter 27 Popular Culture; I_ Chapter 28 Religion; I_ Chapter 29 Science and Technology; I_ Chapter 30 Scotland; I_ Chapter 31 Social and Economic History; I_ Chapter 32 Social Policy and Social Services; I_ Chapter 33 Social Structure and Class; I_ Chapter 34 Sport and Leisure; I_ Chapter 35 Theatre; I_ Chapter 36 Thought and Philosophy; I_ Chapter 37 Trade Unions and Industrial Relations; I_ Chapter 38 Travel and Tourism in Britain; I_ Chapter 39 Wales; I_ Chapter 40 Women; Part II Periodicals, Journals, Magazines; II_ Chapter 1 Broadcasting and Media; II_ Chapter 2 Current Affairs; II_ Chapter 3 Economics; II_ Chapter 4 Education; II_ Chapter 5 Environment and Geography; II_ Chapter 6 Europe; II_ Chapter 7 Film and Video; II_ Chapter 8 Government and Administration; II_ Chapter 9 History; II_ Chapter 10 Industry and Commerce; II_ Chapter 11 Language; II_ Chapter 12 Law; II_ Chapter 13 Literary Studies and Reviews; II_ Chapter 14 Military and Disarmament; II_ Chapter 15 Music; II_ Chapter 16 Painting and Arts; II_ Chapter 17 Poetry and Writing; II_ Chapter 18 Political Studies; II_ Chapter 19 Press; II_ Chapter 20 Science and Technology; II_ Chapter 21 Society and Social Policy; II_ Chapter 22 Theatre and General Arts; II_ Chapter 23 Thought and Philosophy; II_ Chapter 24 Women; Part III Sources of Information; Part IIIa Organisations and Institutions; III_ Chapter 1 Arts and Arts Associations; III_ Chapter 2 Broadcasting; III_ Chapter 3 Cities; III_ Chapter 4 Commonwealth; III_ Chapter 5 Economics; III_ Chapter 6 Education; III_ Chapter 7 Environment and Geography; III_ Chapter 8 Europe; III_ Chapter 9 Film; III_ Chapter 10 Government and Administration; III_ Chapter 11 History; III_ Chapter 12 Industrial Companies; III_ Chapter 13 Industry and Commerce; III_ Chapter 14 International Affairs; III_ Chapter 15 Language; III_ Chapter 16 Law; III_ Chapter 17 Literature; III_ Chapter 18 Military and Disarmament; III_ Chapter 19 Minorities; III_ Chapter 20 Music; III_ Chapter 21 Northern Ireland; III_ Chapter 22 Political Organisations; III_ Chapter 23 Press; III_ Chapter 24 Science and Technology; III_ Chapter 25 Scotland; III_ Chapter 26 Social Policy and Voluntary Organisations; III_ Chapter 27 Sport; III_ Chapter 28 Theatre and Performing Arts; III_ Chapter 29 Thought and Philosophy; III_ Chapter 30 Trade Unions; III_ Chapter 31 Travel and Tourism in Britain; III_ Chapter 32 Wales; III_ Chapter 33 Women; Part IIIb Museums and Galleries; Part IIIc Study and Research—Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges; IIIa_ Chapter 1 Art; IIIa_ Chapter 2 Art History; IIIa_ Chapter 3 Business Economics; IIIa_ Chapter 4 Business Studies; IIIa_ Chapter 5 Economic History; IIIa_ Chapter 6 Economics; IIIa_ Chapter 7 Education; IIIa_ Chapter 8 English; IIIa_ Chapter 9 European Business Studies; IIIa_ Chapter 10 European Studies; IIIa_ Chapter 11 Film Studies; IIIa_ Chapter 12 Geography; IIIa_ Chapter 13 History; IIIa_ Chapter 14 International Relations; IIIa_ Chapter 15 Irish Studies; IIIa_ Chapter 16 Law; IIIa_ Chapter 17 Linguistics; IIIa_ Chapter 18 Management; IIIa_ Chapter 19 Media Studies; IIIa_ Chapter 20 Music; IIIa_ Chapter 21 Philosophy; IIIa_ Chapter 22 Political Science; IIIa_ Chapter 23 Public Administration; IIIa_ Chapter 24 Scottish Studies; IIIa_ Chapter 25 Social Administration; IIIa_ Chapter 26 Sociology; IIIa_ Chapter 27 Addresses of Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges; Part IV Teaching Resources; IV_ Chapter 1 Publishers; IV_ Chapter 2 Film Distributors; IV_ Chapter 3 Video Workshops; IV_ Chapter 4 Audio-Visual Suppliers;


    Paul Jackson

    `The layout of the whole work is clear ... collate[s] a very wide range of information within a single volume ... A useful addition and a convenient introduction, or starting point, for more detailed investigation elsewhere.' - Library Review

    `Will become an accepted source for reference librarians for some time to come.' - Reference Reviews

    `Anyone concerned with British affairs, whether student, teacher, researcher or librarian, will quickly find this volume indispensable. As a general work of reference it is unsurpassed.' - Hills Sublines