1st Edition

British Trade Unions, 1707-1918, Part II, Volume 5 1865-1880

By W Hamish Fraser Copyright 2008

    Features 8 volumes of British Trade Unions 1707-1918, reproduced in facsimile, showing the many significant pamphlets, essays, articles and letters from this important period in British history. Presented chronologically, the texts re-map the history of the trade union, contextualising its development from inception through to the 20th Century.

    Part II Volume 5: 1865-1880 As some trade unionists began to emerge as national figures there were debates within unionism about the best tactics to be adopted to advance their cause. The so-called 'Junta' in London actively sought middle-class allies and emphasised that their unions offered an alternative to industrial conflict, while others continued to battle against recalcitrant employers, hostile courts and the erosion of traditional work patterns. There was also a new awareness of the international nature of capitalism and of the need for both national organisations and international co-operation. George Howell, Secretary of the Reform League , 'To the Trades Unionists of the United Kingdom', Operative Bricklayers' Society's Trade Circular (1865); 'The Strike in North Staffordshire. Meeting of the London Trades' Council', Operative Bricklayers' Society's Trade Circular (1865); 'Mr Potter and the London Trades' Council', Operative Bricklayers' Society's Trade Circular (1865); Mr Potter and the London Trades Council (1865); Trades' Societies and Lock-Outs. Report of the Conference of Trades' Delegates of the United Kingdom, held in the Temperance Hall, Townhead Street, Sheffield on July 17th 1866, and the four following day (1866); 'The Tailors' Strike and the System of Picketing', Operative Bricklayers' Society Monthly Report (1867); E S Beesly, The Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners (1867); Report of the St Martin's Hall United Kingdom Trades' Conference Committee on the Trades' Union Inquiry Commission till 7th August 1867 (1867); Report of the Various Proceedings taken by the London Trades' Council and the Conference of Amalgamated Trades, in Reference to the Royal Commission on Trades' Unions, and other subjects in connection therewith (1867); International Working Men's Association, To the Trades' Unionists of Great Britain and Ireland (1868); Trades Unions; An inquiry into their Rules and Working, Based on the Evidence before the Royal Commission; showing the folly of all attempts to raise wages by Violence and Strikes, and the beauty and Excellence of the Divine Law Governing Workmen and Employers. By Robert Jackson (1870?); Trade Union Bill, 1871 A Letter by Mr W P Roberts, (of London and Manchester) to Mr George Potter, Mr William Allan, Mr Alexander McDonald and others interested in Trades' Societies (1871); Report of the Conference of Trades Delegates, held in the Town Hall, Leeds on December 2nd 1871. Called to consider the Statement made by Wm. Newmarch, Esq. in his address to the Social Science Congress lately held in Leeds. Published by the Leeds Trades Council (1871); Proceedings of the Miners' National Association Conference, held in Leeds, on 18,19, 20, 21 and 22 November 1873 (1873); The Criminal Law Amendment Act. A Memorial to the Right Honourable Henry Austin Bruce, MP, with an Appendix of Cases under the Criminal Law Amendment Act (1873); Tracts for Trade Unionists No IV. The National Federation of Associated Employers of Labour. Report upon the memorial presented to the Home Secretary by the National Federation of Associated Employers of Labour December 13th, 1873. By Henry Crompton, Esq. , Barrister-at-Law (1873); Amalgamated Society of Engineers, Address from the Executive Council of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers to their fellow workmen throughout the United Kingdom, the British Colonies, and foreign countries (1879); George Howell, 'Trade Unions: Their Nature, Character, and Work', Fraser's Magazine (1879