1st Edition

British Trade Unions and Industrial Politics The Post-war Compromise, 1945-1964

Edited By John Mcilroy, Nina Fishman, Alan Campbell Copyright 1999
    406 Pages
    by Routledge

    409 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1999, this volume describes the political climate and state of trade unions after the second world war in Britain. Detailing the transition of individuals who had survived in the war or had taken part in the war effort to going back a civilian life in 1945. Following the rise of the Labour party in Britain until 1964.

    1. The Role of Industrial Correspondents, Geoffrey Goodman.  2. Making Trade Uniionists:The Politics of Pedagogy 1945-79, John McIlroy.  3. The Post War Compromise : Mapping Industrial Politics 1945-64 , Alan Campbell , Nina Fishman , John McIlroy.  4. Shut your Gob !: The Trade Unions and the Labour Party, David Howell.  5. The Trade Union Congress in the International Labour Movement, Anthony Carew.  6. Cold War Politics : Communism and Anti-Communism in the Trade Unions, Richard Stevens.  7. Social Democracy and Anti -Communism: Allan Flanders and British Industrial Relations in the Early Post-War Period, John Kelly.  8. The Shop Floor Politics of Productivity : Work, Power and Authority Relations in British Engineering 1945-57, Alan McKinlay and Joseph Melling.  9. The Most Serious Crisis since 1926 : The Engineering and Shipbuilding Strikes of 1957, Nina Fishman.  10. Spearhead of the Movement The 1958 London Bus workers’ Strike, the TUC and Frank Cousins, Nina Fishman.  11. Democracy and Trade Unionism on the Docks.